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Southampton players

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If and when Ronald Koeman is announced as the gaffer's, which now looks inevitable, would anyone be hopeful for us to have any Southampton players follow him over such as Pelle, Van Dijk, Wanjama, Long, Tadic Forster?


Personally I'd love to see Van Dijk as a potential Stones replacement and Forster could solve our goalkeeping void.

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Wouldn't mind Forster or Wanyama but both would cost more than they are worth and neither would be top of my list for the position they play in




That's it for me I rate Forster Mane etc highly but would cost absurd money


I'd say Tadic and Clasie would be two that would be good additions and not cost the world but the rest would be vastly overpriced

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In today's world I would say it's the contract that is irrelevant



If its 12 months in, yeah. But for 4 of their players they're not even 6 weeks in so I just don't see it. Unless theres mega money involved and I don't think any of them would be worth it.

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half the names mentioned just signed new, long-term contracts so the speculation is irrelevant.

I never took it as saying the players we think will come but rather the players you would take if you could.


If it's who I think we'll get the answer is Wanyama is probably the only possibility. Mane wanted out anyway by all accounts so he's obviously no big fan of Koeman.

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I don't basically care either way. If Koeman feels it's easier to get the team to play the right way by signing his former players, then why not. But it's not like there aren't plenty of good players elsewhere. Of former players I'd start with Schneiderlin if he's available (some rumours suggests this). He was a key player in Koeman's system and is a very good player.

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