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Injury Crisis


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5 hours ago, Cornish Steve said:

I've been looking forward to this opportunity, and it's doubly pleasurable since the sentence includes the word 'pedant'. :)

  • You should have used a full stop after 'Sorted', not a comma.
  • This in turn means there should be a capital 'W' in 'welcome'.
  • Since 'Pedant Club' is a name, each word should begin with a capital letter.
  • There should be a comma before 'Bill'.
  • And if I may slightly extend the formal definition of grammar, there should be a space between the final full stop and the smiley.

(Ah. That feels better. Five errors in seven words and one smiley. That has to be a record, Mike!)

That is going to drive him nuts :lol: 

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13 hours ago, Matt said:

That is going to drive him nuts :lol: 

I'm always extremely grateful to have my errors corrected so I can avoid future faux pas, I strive for perfection in all areas of my life.


(In my defence I'd not slept for 30+ hours when posting and I'm gratified that it took Steve so long after stating his intent to correct my grandma to find the opportunity to do so. Also I'll continue to use smileys wherever I choose😝)

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4 hours ago, Wiggytop said:

Feck, I hate the International breaks, nothing to talk about, so we all revert to this ^^^^^^ 😳😩😥🤔😱🤓🤡😖😣😤




I do sincerely hope that was all grammatically correct by the way.   




( none of this btw shit for me ! )

It's only messing.

But if you could cut down the gaps between your lines of text it'd be appreciated:67:.

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