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Very passionate fans the Portuguese, seen both Sporting and Benfica at Goodison and they both created a great atmosphere. good to have you novais; let's hope our renaissance under your countryman attracts more of you. Stands were full of fat guys eating pies last season (or is that every season?).

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16 minutes ago, markjazzbassist said:

welcome!  i was hoping marco and gomes would attract some portuguese fans.  glad to hear you've been a fan even before that!

that is not my case :) but yeah all the newspappers and sports blogs and channels give a lot of attention to Everton. the mentality here it's hard to explain, people supports who wins instead of supporting local clubs.

most of my friends are "big 6" ( i dont agree with this expression) supporters.

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21 minutes ago, novais said:

it was incredible (the pre-match in Southall pub, the reactions from fans during the match, the match itself ), hope to go again in january or february, already miss Goodison and the city of Liverpool.

Very glad you enjoyed, my visits are few and far between due to 500 mile round trip but I'm up next week. Downside is I have an essential meeting to get to at home at 11.00am the following day so will need to leave the hotel around 4.00am:(. Also limits the beer intake:shakingfist:.

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