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Man Of The Match V Bate Borisov



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  1. 1. ????????

    • Tim Howard
    • Dan Gosling
    • Tony Hibbert
    • Sylvain Distin
    • Leighton Baines
    • Leon Osman
    • Tim Cahill
    • Marouane Fellaini
    • Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
    • Jo
    • Yakubu
    • Jose Baxter

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Rodwell 84


Pienaar 71


Saha 65


Bilyaletdinov 36


Howard 33


Fellaini 29


Distin 21


Hibbert 17


Osman 14


Yobo 13


Baines 10


Cahill 7


João Alves Jô 4


Neville 2


Gosling 2


Yakubu 1


MOTM winners....


Portsmouth (A)...Tim Howard


Hull City (A)...Leon Osman


Blackburn (H)...Louis Saha


AEK Athens (H)...Diniyar Bilyaletdinov


Fulham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Wigan...(H)...Jack Rodwell


Sigma Olomouc (A)...Steven Pienaar


Burnley...(A)...Tony Hibbert


Sigma Olomouc (H)...Jack Rodwell


Arsenal (H)...Steven Pienaar

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I'm very surprised Felli is getting votes TBH.Thought he was poor all night and his goal was very easy to take as no defenders bothered to mark him.



I disagree, I thought he was solid in the middle and did his role well. He didn't let them have any time down the middle, got stuck into the challenges well as well.



Hibbert did ok but I couldnt' possibly give him MOM, they put everything down our right hand side and both him and Gosling looked beatable every time.


They only other players I thought looked any worth was Bilya, but it wasn't his best game, his corners weren't very good and no one was really making any worthwhile moves for him.

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Hibbert virtually played right back and center back for me. I lost my internet connection completely just after we equalized so I spent the next twenty minutes panicking to get it back. Result was a nice surprise...I'd gladly have taken the point at that stage :) .

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Gosling knows now how Hibbert feels when theres nobody in front to track back and help him, i thought they both did well considering they got continually bombarded down that wing and where under the cosh for most of the game.

Hibbert my MOTM, not a comfortable position to play, but he did it well.

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Without a doubt Hibbertoni!

Gets a bashing from most on here yet in an unfamiliar position was best player on the pitch. He seem more intelligent in the middle and able to read the game better.


Distin was a close second, he goes about his job well and moves well for a big guy.


Fellaini was back to his usual self :rolleyes:


Agard is an exciting player when he comes on, he needs more minutes in the 1st team.

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I managed to arrive home from hols, just as............they bleeding scored, literally when I found what channel it was on and finally tuned in the camera was on the crowd. After two weeks away, winning 4 and conceding none I thought this jinx thing is working. Anyway the second half smashed that theory. With the team we had out I thought it was a half decent performance and my MOM has to go to Hibbert for a good performance in an unfamiliar poaition and having to cover for Gosling and at times Distin and Baines as well.

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I thought we played poorly, the worst Everton player for me was unfortantly Bily, Constantly gave the ball away, had one really good effort on goal, but that was it. His crossing was poor, his ball control was awful, doesn't seem match fit to me. Don't think he quite use to the training at Goodison.

Yak was also poor, still miles away from being match fit. Very sloppy with the ball an very slow to react.

Jo was awful as well, Constantly gave the ball away, hold up play was poor.

Basically our attacks an midfield was awful. Some how we won, don't no how because we were out played for the whole match, constatly giving the ball away. Lucky our defence was rock solid.


For me hibbert had the best game. However it wasn't that hard to shine as the rest of the team was poor. Missed Saha up front.


However i must say that the weather was awful an may have effected the team.

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