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Everton (Female Team)

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arsenal ladies looked poor agaisnt sunderland in cup final.


Amusing hearing the manager slating his own team during the match as well!


saying that was probably just an off day against a dogged second division side.



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Guest efctaxi
Yeah it puts the girls 3 points ahead of Arsenal and its the last game for both, if we lose it we lose the league on goal difference, as Beard said we just need a draw to win the league.


Nice sig Bill .


Come on ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Its only £2-3 to watch on sunday at the eddie stobart stadium,get involved!!


Or even free if you are a season ticket holder or Evertonia member!

Anyone who is free should get over there and give them some support if they can...

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With such a good run they will have wanted to win the league, it's a shame that it wasn't to be and especially on goal differance. The Arsenal team are a known force and would always have been the one's to do it. Better luck next year, they have shown that the Arsenal can be challanged.


Isn't Rachel Brown (Everton) England's goalkeeper?

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They have been accepted as one of eight teams to play in the 2011 FA Women's Super League.


The other seven are:

  • Arsenal LFC
  • Birmingham City LFC
  • Bristol Academy WFC
  • Chelsea LFC
  • Doncaster Rovers Belles LFC
  • Lincoln LFC
  • Liverpool LFC
I think it's to be a professional league now and there are rules that force three players per club to earn over £20k a year. It's been moved to the summer to attract more attention and requires sponsors to go ahead. I'm not sure if it will ever go ahead personally.
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They're massive loses for the lady's team. Already had the heart ripped out of it last year, with the sh*te taking the majority of our players. Now, the only two players worth keeping have gone too.


Bloody hell.


Relegation pretty much a certainty, though it's not yet mathematically over.



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