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Man Of The Match V United


MOTM v United  

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  1. 1. ???????????????

    • Tim Howard
    • Tony Hibbert
    • Sylvain Distin
    • Phil Jagielka
    • Leighton Baines
    • Mikel Arteta
    • Marouane Fellaini
    • Johnny Heitinga
    • Steven Pienaar
    • Tim Cahill
    • Leon Osman
    • Seamus Coleman
    • Ayegbeni Yakubu

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Baines 43


Fellaini 19


Distin 13


Coleman 9


Pienaar 8


Hibbert 6


Arteta 5


Rodwell 5


Jagielka 4


Beckford 3


Neville 2


Cahill 2


Gueye 1


Heitinga 1


MOTM winners....


Aston Villa (A)...Leighton Baines


Huddersfield (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Wolves (H)...Sylvain Distin


Blackburn (A)...Leighton Baines

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Iv gone for Howard because he made a couple of great saves and the deflected save from Scholes was unbelievable. He has ridiculously good reactions!


Baines was solid yet again and played some great balls into the box especially the ones that lead to our two late goals.


Jags was also solid, he didnt look as commanding as he did for England midweek but he was good on the ball, tried playing it out when he could and his man marking at times was brilliant.


Hibbert did well defensively but all of his crosses were shit. Just gave the ball straight back to Utd every time.


Arteta did well. Whilst he still bottled trying to play killer balls at times, he was more positive and put in a lot of hard work. The strike for the goal was quality as well! Still think he should be relinquished from SP action though, mainly corners.


Felli had a mixed game. He grafted his arse off up front but looked a lot more comfortable when moved back. Probably should have done more for their 2nd goal in tracking Vidic but still a good game.


Pienaar was very good today, his best performance of the season so far. His movement, passing and final ball was good today and was the only other real option for MOTM imo.


Osman wasnt really involved today. He did really well for our first and he did a lot of good work. He should have scored when Yakubu somehow managed to slip him in. Would prefer to see him in the middle and someone else on the wing.


Cahill was brilliant in the first 20mins, he really gave the Utd defence some stick, and I thought he had a great battle with both the CB's and deserves some credit for that. His impact late in the game was immense as well, not too many players continuously come up with moments like that.


Yakubu did very well IMO when coming on. He looked lively, he muscled off the 2 CB's really well at times and he created space for Cahill and the other midfielders to move into. He also looked good on the ball and could have easily set up a couple of goals for us. Hoping to see more of him! I also think he should take credit for creating these chances when we were 3-1 down and Man Utd had men behind the ball. Mots good strikers can look good when they are given space, but with Utd having 10men behind the ball, he still made that space. We have missed that in our other games.


Coleman also did well coming on. Defensively was solid and he put more decent balls into the box in the cameo that Hibbert did for the rest of the game. He also seems to encourage the opposition to foul him which cant be a bad thing! Think he deserves a start.


Heitinga had a poor game IMO. He didnt make himself available for passes from the back 4 enough, he didnt read the game that great as a DM and when he did and should have just cleared the ball/man he failed to do so. Lets play him in his best position at CB.


Distin was fucking shite... I have never seen a player loose his man so many times in one game. Berbatov was having a field day against him. For their 1st he was caught way out of position and by the time the ball came into the box he was nowhere near, second goal he didnt really know where Vidic was (but Felli couldnt have helped him as mentioned earlier) and the less said about his actions (or lack of) on the 3rd the better. Should be dropped to the reserves for that performance. People say Moyes wants the right/left foot combo at CB but Iv seen Heitinga play 40yard pin-point cross field balls with his left so I dont see a problem with sticking him in that slot.


Overall we started well, let Utd back into it through some good play by them and some shocking defending by us (mostly Distin). We fought back really well and got a brilliant draw which probably ranks as one of the best finishes to an Everton game that I have seen so far. Lets take that finish into our game against Newcastle(?) and giving them a bloody good hiding!

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Pienaar for me, looked as impressive as he did last season, made a number of nice moves with baines down the left, their understanding is continuously our greatest threat. Howard had one of his best games for a long time, couple of immense saves in first half. Distin was beyond useless, i get so nervous everytime the opposition hit the ball anywhere near him, always beaten 4 pace and 2day also 4 positioning. Yakubu has to start the next match, so impressive when he came on, proper centre forward, held the ball up well and played others in for chances, great result in the end.

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I will keep these brief as Bailey has done a good job already, though ive got my own take on some of the things!


Howard - Had a stormer of a game, easily MOTM. His reactions are second to none - SAF, thank you for selling him to us!!!


Hibbert - was tempted to give him MOTM when i saw him shoot! But honestly same old Hibbo; hard work, good running, crap crossing.


Coleman (69) - he doesnt look as comfortable in the RB slot as compared to running at people further up field. Did some good work but not the same impact as he has done in the past.


Baines - he should push Arteta away from freekicks and corners to take them himself. Played a good game but i feel he was also at fault for the goals; close him down and do not let the guy cross! Way out of position for the 1st goal too, but he cant be blamed for that. That will come in a minute...


Heitinga - dont get to say this very often, but a poor game from him. Needless yellow too coming from frustration. Thankfully it was for clobbering Gary "Pornstar goatee" Neville.


Yakubu (69) - i am one of his biggest critics i think, but even i will concede that he did a good job. Very strong, or heavy, but either way held the ball up well, great work to get the ball to Ossie too. Lets hope he continues to improve. I would even go so far as to say he should start against Newcastle.


Jagielka - Think he did a great job considering who he was partnered with. Solid, strong, less hoofball. Im sure he even made a driving run at some point.... :unsure:


Distin - my my my.... ive defended him alot but today, my lord. if there is an anti-MOTM give it to him. Utterly dire performance. Bet he was counting the seconds to the end of the game. Theres no words to describe how bad that game was for him...


Arteta - apart from the goal, i didnt think he contributed that much. its been the same the last couple of games, maybe a slight improvement. 1 - leave corners/freekicks alone. 2 - pass it forward sometimes! ok, there was more of that today but im still expecting MUCH more from him.


Cahill - he gave Vidic such a hard time it was delightful to watch. Other than that, again quiet from someone who i expect more from, but who will get more praise than he should because he scored.


Pienaar - vvvvery close runner up to MOTM. please, give this man the contract he deserves. hes asking for more because he deserves more and in my opinion has been a better player than Arteta this season. Even over the last 2 years its very close. Fantastic footwork, constant running. Sign him up!!!


Osman - bless him, hes just not a winger! and a terrible shot after Yak had found him. Otherwise he did ok, hard work, lots of running blah blah blah....


Fellaini - bless him too, hes not a striker and seemed so much happier when he was put back where he belongs. Same again, hard work, good running, average performance...

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Voted for Howard after seeing MOTD.


That save from Scholes was miraculous, just brilliant....gobsmacked it wasn't commented on by the "experts".


And the joker who voted for Distin has had their vote removed....I used to stipulate that obvious "joke" votes would be binned but I've not had to do it for a while. The rule still stands :) .

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Howard for me, kept us in the game with one unbelievable save, Scholes deflected shot, one fantastic save, Giggs shot and one crucial save, Nani shot. as I have posted elsewhere The Yak deserves some credit, for turning the game our way late on. Other good mentions for Pienaar and Arteta. Baines, whilst excellent going forward and two superb crosses that contributed to the fight back, all of Utd's goals came from the left, granted he can be spared any blame for the third but he didn't close Nani down quick enough for the other two.

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This was a tricky one.


I very nearly gave it to the man mountain and defensive rock Distin... only joking.


It was a toss up between Howard and Pienaar and it would have been easy to give it to either, I plumped for Howard though. His amazing saves kept us in the game and while Pienaar dynamism really helped Howard was a class above.

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Agree with most here, Howard of Pienaar.


Given it to Pienaar, he was outstanding really back to his best, giving it his all and really showing his skill.


He so easily turned his defender and ran past them all the time and linked well with the rest of the midfield as well as supporting timmy up front by getting himself in the box on a couple of occasions for chances.


I liked the way he'd been allowed to have a pretty free role, I think it suited our game with lack of strikers as it meant he could easily give good pacy support to Cahill and create things.



Howard of course made some fantastic saves.


Arteta and Fellaini I felt also had very good games, the person next to me thought Fellaini was awful and I think my point on that was that he clearly didn't enjoy being in his position and was keen to get further back and be involved back there but I just loved seeing just how skilled on the ball he is, his close control is excellent but as he's said many times he's not an attacking mid.

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