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Online Martinez out petition gathering pace

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An on-line Martinez out petition has been created by an unhappy Everton fan a few hours ago and seems to be gathering pace. It currently has 619 signatures in favour of sacking Roberto Martinez. My own personal take on this is as fans we seem to very good at expressing our opinion of wanting him out but not so keen on doing much about it. Maybe we've come to accept mediocrity and are happy to wallow in it. I however, am not one of those people who accepts the mediocre and thinks just because that's the way it's been for a long time why should we expect any different. We have two choices, we can either continue to complain and just hope that something happens or we can do something productive, try and get our voices heard and make it happen. Below is the link to the petition and before anybody comes back with shouts of kopite behaviour, save it for somebody else, somebody else who believes this great club deserves another season of mediocrity under the clueless manager we currently have.



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"Statistically we have got one of the best teams in the history of Everton yet we are 12th in the premier league"?


Statistically we are 12th, the opinion we have one of the best teams in Everton's history is just that, opinion (presume she means her thoughts on squad/potential which I'd not disagree with totally).


Badly worded though, don't agree and won't be signing.

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