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2016/17 fixtures

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December is interesting. The big games are at home which is a bonus and no reason why we cant get something from all three. Depending on Leicesters transfer window they could be in trouble next season imo, losing Vardy and Mahrez will be massive and even though they are in the CL i still don't think they will attract top players. Id expect us to beat Watford and Hull.

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Guest rusty747

It's fate I tell you. We kicked off the 1984/85 season with a home game against Spurs and went on to win the title.


As a side note, Spurs beat us 1-4.

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I just look at when the derbies are and that's it really - there is no such thing as a friendly fixture list. Play everyone twice.

Slightly disagree. Playing teams in champions league just before/after a big midweek match is a definite advantage in my opinion. Along with the short turn around mid week games. Not saying we've gotten or not gotten that as I haven't looked that far into it.

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Leicester and Hull away over Xmas is a bit of a joke. Feel for the travelling fans... Their wives are going to kill them. Derby before Xmas is gonna take the shine off the losing sides kids who get a kit fit Xmas.

Better than Bournmouth and Southampton

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Im not too sure why everyone is so worried about the December fixtures? We dont know how the teams will look yet. Leicester could completely fall apart if they lose key players, i cant see Hull winning many games and the 'tough' games are all at home. Im not overly worried. New times at Everton!

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