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Players we've dodged a bullet on.


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Kone. Bullied by Rom tonight. Out of position too often. Not good enough.



Very true , he looked poor tonight





Was gonna post kone myself...certainly the 2nd half...all 3 goals he was nowhere



Way too early to say. He did look class in the first half. I still think he is a very good player. However, who needs him? We have Jags/Williams and they look like the best center pair in the league at the moment.

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In that statement you forgot to mention Lukaku.




Oh oh I've gone and done it now haven't I.

Can't say Leroy Fer MC, not brilliant but he's scored three in four games and has a good allround game.

He's been relegated twice which would suggest he's not that good Edited by MC11
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I'm liking it less and less. Used to get a buzz out of sighting new talent, now it's used against me, I can't be arsed.

Complete waste of my time now a days.

Pictures titanic violin

It was a valid point.


You claimed that Fer was "not that good" because he was relegated. I pointed out that Gana also got relegated and is by far our best player at present.


You want to be a dick about it fine.

A valid point whilst being a cock at the same time. Glass houses

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Definitely dodged a bullet on Vadis Odjidja. Take that from a guy who supports Club Brugge, my home team and the side Odjidja played for at the time. He was good back then on a Belgian level, but not the EPL type of player. Much too selfish (even as a midfielder) and didn't really play in systems. Would be completely lost on an English football field. He now plays in Poland, trying to kick-start his career again.


I would also add Jordan Lukaku.... although I don't know if the rumor was ever really based on anything. He does alright for Lazio Roma and he's good on the attacking play, but he's not exactly a defensive magician.

Edited by Mirallas
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