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Arsenal (Away)


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Kind of lost in the wake of the Chelsea game and the window there's the small matter of a trip to the Emirates tomorrow :mellow: .


Is it too much to hope for a repeat of Saturday's performance?


I think we'll get a point...Seamus and Arteta pen against two from van Persie.

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They lost Nasri again cause of injury in cup clash on saturday. Thats good news. Actually we have played good vs arsenil last few times, results just havent been very nice. Even that horrible 1-6 season opening we were totally dominating on first half, second half was something we dont need to remember more. They will do 1 , fabregas from penalty, but dont wanna predict how many we are going to do, hopefully enought.

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quite pissed off with Fabregas after trying to get that lad sent off. He had a point but that waving of imaginary cards does my head in. New rule should be brought in to book people like that (saw Rio Ferdinand clip Rafael ronund the ear when he tried it, nearly had a little respect for him!) should get the booking themselves.


anyway, no hope for this one. 3-1 loss.

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From the OS...


"The Blues have given Tim Cahill some time off after the Asian Cup, where the 31-year-old midfielder was hampered by a thigh injury and involved in the final which went to extra time."



Fair Enough. :)


Be interesting to see if we stick with Beckford and Saha upfront against Blackpool on saturday, as for this game, i can see us going back to 4-5-1 as most teams do against Arsenal. Nasri's injury is a big blow for them ( And my Fantasy Team :( ) Not too sure on a Result, either 2-2 or 2-1 to us.

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Seeing as I've been winning quite a lot recently here are my bets:


1 Everton @ 15/2

Stake: 5.00 Single

Potential Winnings: 37.50



2 Seamus Coleman @ 15/2

Stake: 3.00 Single

Potential Winnings: 22.50



3 Leighton Baines @ 14/1

Stake: 2.00 Single

Potential Winnings: 28.00



Coleman and Baines to score at any time

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Haven't we failed to beat a Top 4 side away for quite a lot of years? Surely, it's got to happen at some point...


I don't think Moyes actually has an away win against Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool. Obviously if you now include Man City instead of Liverpool then he has. :D


Anyway back to the game, it all depends on what Everton turns up, the one that has performed admirably against the top sides this season then I think we can get a draw, if it is the Jekyll side, and 4-5-1, then a resounding defeat and a rather long journey home i'm afraid..............and work in the morning. :(

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I'm livid that I have to miss this one because work has called a meeting first thing in the morning... so I'll be driving when the game is played and stuck in morning peak traffic :(.


Therefore to offset that pain, I'm going to look forward to logging onto here from work and seeing 2-3 win to the blues!

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I cant wait to see our new striker Joe King tonite bet he gets a few! Seriously if we have a go we'l get a result sit back and they'l kill us! Its the sort of game that'l suit Bily if he plays he scores i say! Erm i think! Well its a possibility isnt it!

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