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Our kit 2016/17?


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Looks like a mock up. For me, the shirt doesn't know what it wants to be.


That's a very traditional/vintage collar on what is ultimately a very modern shirt. It looks weird. Better to tie in the style, by carrying the thin stripe onto the band on the sleeve.


I'm 99% sure that it is a fan creation. the stripe around the neck on the left (as you view it) is very untidy.

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In the 1940's the only concern re kit was whether the socks would be blue and white hoops or blue with white tops.


'67 until '79 (from when I was seven to when I was nineteen) it was always pure white on the sock front, so for me that's how it should be every year, it was what I was brought up on! Identified us as much as not having white trim on the sleeves either unlike most other teams that played in blue (though that changed a bit earlier, 1976).

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i can't tell the difference between a cool uniform and a shitty one. this applies to all sports. it has the logo, our colors, as long as it's not neon green like those idiotic man city CL kits i'm fine with it. also don't want it to be red, hate that color.

how about eye-raping pink?
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