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Nikola Kalinic

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Alright! That was well hidden but now that filter is removed. Went through profile settings a few times before figuring out it must be somewhere else..


And it actually defaulted to 30 days.

good to know for the others, I updated mine to show everything years ago :)
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Last time he was out here, was what, 2009? With a pretty average Blackburn outfit.


Looks like the big target man type Ronnie likes. 27-28, in the prime of his career. the 1-in-3 stats aren't phenomenal but could be worse. If we get him up over 15 goals and he fits the system the 25m price tag isn't too bad.

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It would be unfair to judge him on his time at Blackburn as a 21-22year old. Look at Kane at Norwich, Leicester and early Spurs - not many saw him develop like he did. It seems he's been quality in Italy and quite prolific... with the amount Milan have spent and the players they can attract then surely he must have some quality (I know they signed Borini!!!). I can't really comment too much as I've not seen enough of him recently but 14 in 36 for a very good Croatia team and a good goal scoring record at one of Italy's top teams - he really doesn't deserve the comments I've seen on twitter from some blues. He may be just what we need.

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He was 23 when he left Blackburn and has obviously improved, I am not criticising him I just felt the price quoted was poor value compared to Giroud who is proven at this level, but it now seems a dream for Giroud to come.


we do need a big striker to have something different in the squad, hopefully the scouting team will pull something out of the hat before the window closes.

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looked up some stats


2016-2017 Italy

33 apps, 15 goals 2 assists in league, 7 apps 5 goals 2 assists in Europa


2015-2016 Italy

36 apps 12 goals 6 assists in league, 5 apps 1 goal 1 assist in Europa


2014-2015 Ukraine

23 apps 12 goals 2 assists in league, 17 apps 5 goals in Europa


2013-2014 Ukraine

19 apps 6 goals 1 assist in league,


2012-2013 Ukraine

21 apps 6 goals 1 assist in league, 6 apps 3 goals 2 assists in Europa


2011-2012 Ukraine

19 apps 10 goals 1 assist in league, 2 apps 0 goals 0 assist in Europa


2010-2011 ENGLAND

18 apps 5 goals 2 assists



Essentially he's a 1 in 3 for 3 of his seasons (goals and assists together) and a 1 in 2 for 4 of his seasons. He's very consistent stats wise regardless of league (england, ukraine, italy). He's 29 now so in his prime and he is an out and out striker, he doesn't play anywhere else.

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As daft as it sounds I don't think it's goals Koeman will be looking at from this, type of player it's that they can bring others into play


Rooney and Ramirez could well flourish from having such a player it's also why I think Sigurdsson has been so sought after, with his range and accuracy it can kill a game having a target man and two quality finishers at either side

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