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Cenk Tosun

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3 minutes ago, duncanmckenzieismagic said:

He has been on fire in both the league and Champions League this season


Great. If he has done well in the CL, I would think he should be able to step up for the Prem. Sounds a good signing.

Hope it’s done and the site isn’t jumping the gun..... again haha.

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35 minutes ago, Romey 1878 said:

Rumours that Niasse will be going the other way as part of the deal. 

Dont know if that would be a loan or permanent but I’d be more than happy either way. 

I would be ecstatic to bring this one in, perhaps Dembele too and send Niasse out. However that'd almost certainly seal Sandro's fate as well. Don't think we will ultimately bring in both giving the way Sam's talking "maximum two players"

No offense to Oumar, but he's a supersub at best and we know that we need to bring someone in besides DCL. 

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1 hour ago, Shukes said:

Probably a few different vids around. The one I watched, he looked strong, good feet and a fierce shot on him. Scored a few headers as well.

Still... it’s only you tube.

I usually get overly excited watching players on YouTube!

Sandro looked better on his clips, and we all know his form. Admittedly I didn't watch a full video of him. 

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I just watched some videos and thought he looked good. Strong and quick, excellent technique, good in the air. His movement seemed decent and he has some 1 v 1 skill. The defending wasn't the best so it's whether he can be as effective against better, stronger players. He was excellent at penalties which also shows a player with some bottle. 

His goals to game ratio isn'tt bad and has got better as he moved into a better league/team. 

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They seem to be angry that their board are letting him go at that price Lowensda. Pretty much all of them say we are getting a bargain.

One of them is angry that we got 90 for Lukaku and are now paying 25 for the same level striker.

Others are saying the club are only letting him go for that cheap because the club are in financial trouble.

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8 minutes ago, Romey 1878 said:

I was hoping that the striker we'd sign would be someone proven in this league tbh. Not another hit and hope.

Yer, I was hoping for someone a bit more exciting, but if he’s the only one we’re going to get then I think we’ll still struggle to score productively 

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