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BHA 8th May


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3 minutes ago, badaids said:

Can someone send this to Sports Interactive please?

Dwight McNeil:

Pace 1

Dribbling 20

Determination 20

Work Rate 20

He is quicker than he looks! That break for the fluffed chance he beat a couple of men! Its at least a 2 🤣

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Who are this lot we've just watched for 45mins?

And there would be no complaints if we got 4 or 5.

Same again. Keep calm. Stay compact. Fight like dogs!

Different team with DCL up there. Unreal.

Fair play to Patterson, he's sticking at it and growing into the game.

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7 minutes ago, Hafnia said:

Mcneil superb 

He’s been unreal tonight. Absolutely unreal.

Dom showing what we’ve been missing.

Gana has been great. Took the yellow to stop a break and it’s been his foot ins that have turned the ball over.

Iwobi has been so much better as well. Quick balls to Dom. 

But holy shit…. The DUKE!!!!!!!!

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1 minute ago, Shukes said:

Next ten minutes could be the most important of our season. Don’t give anything up and we’ll set ourselves up for this second half. 

Yeah, 10 minutes of “fuck off! You ain’t getting fuck all”. Hopefully at some stage their legs and minds combine to say, ok maybe write this game off. Save our legs . 

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Best I’ve seen us play for a long time, yes we’re counter attacking, it was expected against Brighton who usually play sharp incisive football.

For me DCL is the main reason for being 3 up, he brings so much to the team in his hold up play and bringing others in to the game, and tracking back, he won one ball close to the edge of our box, no other CF we have would do that.

Keep it tight and continue to hit on the counter.

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Just now, Sibdane said:

I feel like Brighton will score. We just can't let them score 3. 

Yeah was just going to say this, we should get away with it as we're 3-0 up, but I think Brighton will score for sure. 

Just need to be absolute shithouses and waste as much time as possible, kill the rhythm of the game.

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9 minutes ago, plaidharper said:

Think this is a stronger lineup for them.  We need to play smart from the start.


March is normally a starter.

Ferguson is their best CF (back from injury).

Caicedo is a beast in midfield and not a right back.

MaCallister is now in the 10 position, arguably where he is best too.

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