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Man Of The Match At Chelsea



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  1. 1. ?????????????????????

    • Tim Howard
    • Phil Neville
    • Phil Jagielka
    • Sylvain Distin
    • Leighton Baines
    • Marouane Fellaini
    • Mikel Arteta
    • Seamus Coleman
    • Leon Osman
    • Tim Cahill
    • Jermaine Beckford
    • Diniyar Bilaletdinov
    • Victor Anichebe
    • Johnny Heitinga

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Fellaini 188


Baines 135


Coleman 127


Distin 123


Pienaar 85


Cahill 83


Saha 53


Yakubu 47


Howard 45


Arteta 35


Jagielka 25


Osman 19


Bilyaletdinov 10


Rodwell 8


Hibbert 7


Beckford 7


Neville 6


Heitinga 4


Gueye 3


Baxter 2


Anichebe 1


MOTM winners....


Bolton (A)...Mikel Arteta


Blackpool (H)...Louis Saha


Arsenal (A)...Marouane Fellaini


Chelsea (H)...Marouane Fellaini


West Ham (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Liverpool (A)...Marouane Fellaini


Scunthorpe United (A)...Marouane Fellaini


Tottenham (H)...Seamus Coleman


Stoke City (A)...Sylvain Distin


West Ham (A)...Sylvain Distin


Man City (A)...Tim Howard


Wigan (H)...Seamus Coleman


Chelsea (A)...Leighton Baines


West Brom (H)...Tim Cahill


Sunderland (A)...Steven Pienaar


Arsenal (H)...Seamus Coleman


Bolton (H)...Sylvain Distin


Blackpool (A)...Seamus Coleman


Stoke City (H)...Ayegbeni Yakubu


Spurs (A)...Leighton Baines


Liverpool (H)...Tim Cahill


Birmingham (A)...Leon Osman


Fulham (A)...Steven Pienaar


Brentford (A)...Seamus Coleman


Newcastle (H)...Sylvain Distin


Manchester United (H)...Tim Howard


Aston Villa (A)...Leighton Baines


Huddersfield (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Wolves (H)...Sylvain Distin


Blackburn (A)...Leighton Baines

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I've gone for Howard we would have been out but for him, but Bainsey did great too, and Felli was not too bad either. Arteta showed some good touches but far too inconsistant for me.


Anichebe... well he wasn't even chosen to take a penalty so why in hell did he come on for Becks in the first place? The man is useless.


Heitinga scored a great penalty and showed real passion when he did, but he is a liability on the pitch.


Bily couldn't play keep ball if he was the only player on the pitch. Sorry lad but try another time/club.


I think we really miss Pienaar to be honest, lord knows if or when we will replace him.

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Even it was again much more brighter show from lads, i think Howard was really clear MOTM today. He kept us in game and just had nothing to do with that chelskigoal. Then like i were thinking he took that only pen he had a chance really well and easy looking. GG also for Mikel, Felli(even he lost ball again quite often) Osman, Distin and also jags were improving today. Again something wherefrom would be good to carry on and build. Just need this fighting on week in week out.

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Howard, made some great saves and easily motm. Baines had a good game and scored a great goal but missed a penalty and was also to blame for their goal. Arteta and Fellaini ran the midfield, would like to see Arteta get forward more (although he played one great pass to Bily which he totally messed up in the box) but I think the bigger problem is that we just have no pace or quality either on the LW or up front which means all Arteta can do is pass to Baines or Coleman. If Rodwell can perform consistently well in attacking midfield and maybe Anichebe move out to LW we may be in business, as Arteta and Fellaini can pass the ball around all day and both work hard.


Thought Beckford was a total waste of space, Osman pretty much as well, whilst Cahill did very little. Defence played very well, impressed with Jags. We should never have let Yak go out on loan, he's more talent in his little finger than Beckford has in is whole body.

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MOM for me was Howard.


Thought Felli played well, without really getting out into 4th gear.


Baines was outstanding going forward, and outshone his rival for the England left back role.


Coleman was a constant thorn in Cole's side.


Distin was again our best defender today.

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the big man between the sticks for me...could do nothin about their goal but he deserved to be on the winning team yesterday!


mention for baines too..never seen a guy run so much he must be the fittest guy in the prem!


and agree with matt about johnny the passion was great to see(and the little nudge on ashley cole) :D

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Having managed to get out of my pit at such an uneartlhy time and waltzed my may way to the Bridge, I was glad to, Nay ecstatic to see a fantastic response to the managers and captains previous weeks disaster. Fellaini was immense, in the breaking down of their play, his posisitve drives forward and all round play. This brings Arteta into the game and whilst both gave the ball away at times, their positiveness and willingness to get stuck in paved the way for the rest of the team to follow suit. Having said that Howard gets my vote, he stood tall, made the right decions when required and provided the backbone to spur everyone one.

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It can....sorted B) .


Cheers Mike, but my tongue in cheek comment was for the 6,000 who made their way to Stamford Bridge but I accept the deserved 6,000 votes for Mr. Tim Howard.


p.s Who else, with a supposed struggling team, kicking off at 12.30, live on the telly, with a 200 mile trip would have sold 6,000 tickets............Answer, No-one. All deserved of as much recognition as the team yesterday.

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