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Real Madrid


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Is it me, or does this not make sense?





If Madrid beat us (Match 5), they play for 5th? Have they got that the wrong way around?


They have got this wrong. They have made a few other mistakes over the last couple of days such as the kick off time for Everton Real Madrid. I think it will be corrected by the end of the day.

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I wonder how different our team will look. Given the quick succession of game over this two week period, and only using a few subs late on against Juve, I imagine at least 50% of the starting line up might change, possibly more.


We could even see a different system being adopted.


Result is not so important, you can learn more from defeats and the mistakes made than wins to be honest, so a down to earth lose against one of the best teams in world football would not be that bad.


Looking forward though especially after the Juve result and performance. I like this 'no fear' approach.

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Im hoping we start with the 4-2-3-1 style formation we started the first half of the Blackburn game.








Ideally we would need to look at giving Gibson a break in one of these friendlies but I dont think we have the option at the moment. It doesnt surprise me that we are being linked to this sort of player a lot at the moment because we certainly need someone as a back up.


Howard & Stones should keep their places considering they played so well against Juve, Deulofeu should be given a run out against his parent clubs arch rivals and whilst I dont think Mirallas should play the full 90 mins I think its important he is on the pitch.

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Wouldn't be surprised to see Deulofeu get a run out against Spanish opposition. he my not start though.


our players have had a extra day break between games, but I guess with the squad Madrid have and the time of the season that isn't going to have to much of a bearing.

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No reason at all why we won't do well in this game.


Can't do our profile any harm either, simply because of who the opponents are, but we must have a higher profile than we think we have by being accepted to play in the competition in the first place alongside all those other names.

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I can see Defelou starting, cant predict the team or formation and that's whats getting me slightly hard. No 4-5-1 and you can name the team straight away. In this heat he might not want to risk kone if he is fasting so he may go 4-4-2 im sure they wouldn't want to face Vic.

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