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Allardyce sacked already

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This is at the very least incredibly foolish by Big Sam to get caught out in this way. We know he stood down as head of some company's when he got the job, but the report says that he carried on seeing these undercover journalists even last week.




What do you lot think?



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wow! is the telegraph a credible newspaper? (ignorant american alert.....sorry :dry: )


please post the rest of the articles when they're released, i wonder who the other managers and players mentioned here are.


The Telegraph and the Guardian are perhaps the most credible. The Mail and the Sun are, let's say, imaginative.

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I'll be honest here. I have only seen the highlights of the whole thing and I don't think it's as shocking as the articles make it out to be.


  1. The business practice he is explaining/offering is basically him offering his services as a mediator, nothing shocking about that, and the practice he's suggesting is a legal loophole. I don't think it's directly illegal, cause it's a commission-on-a-commission kind of construction. He's being a businessman. You can only rly debate the ethicality of the practice itself.
  2. His comments on Hodgson were done in private and were nuanced. He said Hodgson was maybe a little indecisive which could cause some anxiety with the players. And that's Allardyce's right to have an opinion. He'd never say this publically. The fact that this private conversation was exposed and sensationalized for the world to hear is scummy.
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theres something about him that I've never trusted. Even if he hasn't done anything directly, is he not still responsible for those who are corrupt under his watch?

Who are these corrupt people? I haven't read into the whole saga if I'm honest (I don't care enough), so I don't know if Allardyce has said the way to get round the rules is to pay off FA officals or whether it was done in another way. If it's the former, then yes, if it's not then I don't really see how the FA are corrupt (in this case).

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I feel a bit sorry that he's had to fall on his sword, but he's been really foolish here and shown a monumental lack of judgement and greed.


He's essentially met a load of businessmen that he hardly knew, except for the fact that they were dodgy and although he hasn't committed as far as we know anything wrong with regards to the footage, he has committed indiscretions and discussed shady topics that he shouldn't have. It doesn't matter that he said 'I'll have to discuss it with the FA'. It's like the head of HMRC meeting a load of dodgy bankers and giving them tips on how to evade tax, talking about other tax deals, and tax experts. The following 'so whats' come out of it:


What else was in the footage that hasn't come out yet? Or wasn't recorded?

What has Allardyce done in the past, that hasn't come out yet? I've always thought he looked dodgy.

Given the indiscretions with strangers that he has shown about Roy et al, how can he expect any of his players, staff or FA bigwigs to trust him or come to him with an issue?

Was this the thin end of the wedge - what other grubby deals would Allardyce have got up to.


Feel sorry for Sam, but he's been a complete tit here and it looks like he will pay the price.


Ironically the other likely options: Bruce, Pardew and Redknapp are all dodgy as fuck too!

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