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Forest (Away) 5th March

Romey 1878

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Just now, Zoo 2.0 said:

Probably the most "Everton" goal you'll ever see too. Two headers flicked on before we finish it off with another flicked header.

Sunday League personified, we're gonna win the league.

Just need someone to run off during the game to hit a joint and we’re there mate 

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McNeil finds his right foot and wins a pen!

I think we’ve been the better team for most of the game, we weathered the storm after they equalised, and came off at the end the stronger, with a bit more composure and confidence we should get at least one more goal, and stop them from any more. The fluid formation across the front three seems to be confusing them ( and me 😜)

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Happy with that half other than the gaping hole in our midfield for their goal.

I thought Godfrey would be a lot more comfortable than he has been, I can only put it down to lack of march sharpness, but he looks like he's trying too hard.

Grey working really hard up top. McNeil having another good game and so far Gana looks to be moving the ball quicker than he has in previous games.

Doucoures technical ability is absolutely shocking, I'm surprised he's got so many Premier League caps, but he scored a goal so he's my best mate, for now.

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