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Steven Naismith

Romey 1878

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Because he's a good player, Jelavic has said he enjoys playing with him (he lay on a lot of goals for Jelly at Rangers), and he's cheap as chips and fairly young.


To be honest we need to get as far up Jelly's arse as we can because he's bloody brilliant. Naismith may be recovering from an injury which is a pain but if Jelly loves working with him then this can only mean more goals for us next season. He's coming on the cheap and it's something that I don't think we can afford to turn down, we won't get this chance again because of the current situation at Glasgow Rangers.


Snap him up Moyes!

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Guest Nikica

I didn't rate him in the slightest when he first joined us, but from about late 2009 until his injury he really came onto a game. He does score goals, but he's also quite a clever player and has a decent eye for a pass. He's got two good feet as well, He's certainly one of the better Scottish players.


If yous do get him from us (sigh), it's hard to say whether he will be able to make the big step up to PL football. I was much more confident in Jelavic as he's a comfortably better player than Naisy, but this is more doubtful. However, he certainly has a degree of ability.


In all honesty, I am still not his biggest fan despite the above, but if he does leave it would be interesting to see how he would do down there. I'd hope he'd go to yous as well to see how he would link up with Jela in the PL.

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A pretty reliable source says we are getting both naismith and the other scottish guy and it will be announced tomorrow, hopefully it is true because then we will actually have signed people this summer biggrin.png

Hopefully sell them to Leicester next season, not even good enough to be squad filler. I'd rather give the kids a chance upfront, and we don't need another rb yet.

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Does anyone watch enough scottish football to make this judgement or are people going on 1 or 2 games/ guess work/ what you've heard? I remember thinking Whitaker looked good in a champs league game and have heard good things about Naismith but couldn't make an accurate judgement on either as haven't seen them play enough!

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I'll be happy with Naismith but not Whitaker.


I was right when I said Jelavic would be brilliant here when people were saying he'd be a poor signing because it was only Scotland, and I feel confident Naismith would do well here too.


He wouldn't have the as big an impact as Jelavic but he'd be a good signing, IMO.

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yep thats him, he is banned now though hahaa


Don't normally go on GOT but had a look at the banning. This (on the face of it) seems a bit of an extreme response though....


"Don't ever, ever question what one of my moderators does here publicly. Rarely does what you see constitute the full extent of the situation. You might not like a particular members banning, but trust me, it was fully justified.


I would also like to point out, that being an ITK/sauced up does not give you immunity to the rules or common decency.


If you have any other questions, why not direct them to me or Danny and we will look at them individually.


Now anymore of this will be dealt with appropriately."


Tongue in cheek?




(Also, do you suppose he meant "sourced up" rather than pissedlaugh.png ?)

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