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Squad Numbers

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James Beattie was a number 9......... I really wouldn't bet that Kone will be worse than him. Donovan a loan player was number 9..... isn't that in itself devaluing it?


He will be great signing.

Beattie was a marquee signing at the time.

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He'll be a good signing, a "great" signing is pushing the top of the optimism chart.


He'll do alright.


I think great because for me its the type of player we so badly need. Energetic, tricky, fast and knows where the net is. I think if we had him last year then we would have finished closer to 4th place, certainly scored more. I hope i'm right, but I certainly believe in him.

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im really putting money on him being a success here! at the expense of my very valued opinion! ( ye i know )


But i am going on record as saying that Kone will put 15+ away this season.

and if he doesnt.....then well ye it was my son pratting about who wrote this!

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Would prefer Jelavic and Deulofeu to swap......... don't know why, it's just a number. When numbers just went up to 11 the number meant something....... defined the position played for a long time. Shirt number doesn't matter, now, but would still like those two to swap.

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