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Motm vs Kopites 24.04.2024 Home

Motm vs Forest 21.04.2024 Home   

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  1. 1. Motm

    • Pickford
    • Godfrey
    • Tarkowski
    • Branthwaite
    • Myko
    • Gana
    • Garner
    • McNeil
    • Harrison
    • Doucoure
    • DCL
    • Onana
    • Young

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Agree with Matt, it genuinely could've been anyone... I'm usually brief, but I want to highlight a few players that I usually critique moreso than others that I thought were about perfect today:


Godfrey has been an extremely tough watch defensively for quite some time, and he was immense today not only in winning challenges and going forward but most importantly in being exactly where he needed to be on the back line. Immense perforamance and if not for DCL would be my MOTM.

McNeil / Harrison: Lumping these two together because they've both been frustrating in different ways this season but they finally tied it all together today (albeit with some frustrations from both). Their work rate is always excellent, and they have their moments going forward, but today they both absolutely tortured the shite digging back on the press and then going forward and maintaining possession just long enough to get the ball into the box and create danger. Dwight can drift, harrison can overdribble and turn it over, and they both did that occassionally today. But as a whole they were both pests and also dangerous going forward. 

Garner is always quite composed and handles himself well in challenges in the midfield, but I think that he's mostly been overpraised as a passer and a controlling midfielder. I can't say enough about what he did today in that regard. In close quarters, his decision making between pass / extra touch was consistently good, and once he decided between those two options he was clinical. 

Lastly, I'll just say that DCL was my MOTM because I'm not sure how you could draw up better hold up play than what he displayed today. Sure, he missed a goal early that he absolutely should've buried. But we played the same long balls to him that we've played all year and he consistently won possession, showed great touch with little space, and served as the engine for an attack that was miles away more dangerous than it had been all year.

Ok, end soliloquy. What a match, what a performance. UTFT.


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Just now, StevO said:

I was really worried when he went off. These last two games he’s been phenomenal. 

I was fuming at first and then sense came to me - he was all action for 90+ minutes on Sunday and then was doing the same for 75 minutes tonight and he's not exactly a young man anymore.

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Dom. Absolute beast tonight.

Would have been Gana if he had stayed on the pitch. Still out o it player who can pass a ball ten yards consistently.

Wingers worked tirelessly… just wish Harrison had an end result, he would be a very good player.

Defense was immense and Pickford was solid when needed.

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