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Man Of The Match V Liverpool


MOTM v Liverpool  

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    • Tim Howard
    • Phil Neville
    • Phil Jagielka
    • Sylvain Distin
    • Leighton Baines
    • Johnny Heitinga
    • Leon Osman
    • Mikel Arteta
    • Seamus Coleman
    • Tim Cahill
    • Ayegbeni Yakubu
    • Diniyar Bilyaletdinov
    • Tony Hibbert
    • Jermaine Beckford

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Current Player of the Year standings....

Baines 56


Pienaar 38


Fellaini 26


Howard 22


Distin 21


Coleman 18


Osman 17


Cahill 9


Yakubu 8


Hibbert 7


Arteta 7


Jagielka 6


Rodwell 5


Beckford 3


Gueye 3


Neville 2


Bilyaletdinov 2


Heitinga 1


MOTM winners....


Birmingham (A)...Leon Osman


Fulham (A)...Steven Pienaar


Brentford (A)...Seamus Coleman


Newcastle (H)...Sylvain Distin


Manchester United (H)...Tim Howard


Aston Villa (A)...Leighton Baines


Huddersfield (H)...Marouane Fellaini


Wolves (H)...Sylvain Distin


Blackburn (A)...Leighton Baines

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Guest Reg Reagan

the yak.


Showed so much strength and pace to beat the RS defence and put us in the good position as well.


Special mentions go to coleman and arteta as well

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timmy was awesome today, but i have given it to distan. im not his biggest fan at all, but he did me proud today and if that effort had have gone it i think i would still be cheering now.


i think the whole team played well. Great effort shown by the whole team and im so proud i cant stop smiling


I think beckford needs some confidance, shame he couldnt set up the yak or finish that half chance off

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Brilliant performance from more or less everyone!


Cahill gets MOTM though as he was everywhere, probably his best for the club imo. Even when he had to go back into the midfield he played great and completely nulified Gerrard when he was looking his most dangerous.


Yakubu was a man on fire in the first half! Whatever Moyes said to him before the game worked and I have never seen him work as hard. Unfortunately we stopped playing in the second half, and he tired so his influence wore off but he still put Beckford in on a couple of occasions. Very impressed.


Distin was very dominant in the air today, but both him & jags were very solid for the whole game, just a couple of poor clearances let them down.


Baines was very good as well, his set pieces actually managed to beat the 1st man (take note Arteta).


Neville was average. I would actually go as far to say that he was probably better in midfield than at the back. Positionally he was good but his passing and choice of pass was poor.


Heitinga was average again for me. His passing at times was woeful, which is surprising for someone of his skill. Having said that he broke up play well at times and he gave Gerrard a couple of sly digs which always goes down well with me!


Arteta did well but still lackign that spark. Gerrard really pinged some balls around today and thats what Arteta's role is for us but we dont see that from him. He did brake up play really well though and kept the ball under pressure.


Osman looked lively without really touching the ball in the 1st half. Hopefully its not a bad injury!


Coleman was very good. Defensively we was very solid and he certainly made an impact going forward. He is the only player we have in the current 1st team squad that can beat a man like that (maybe Gueye as well). Hopefully many more derbys to come!


Billy looked so nervous and really lacked confidence. However once he got a couple of good clearances under his belt and got back in tandom with Baines, he got much better and set Beckford up. Needs games


Hibbert didnt really have much to do but was solid.


Beckford was lively, lucky to not get sent off really, especially with that shocking dive. Probably should have scored or at least got the effort on target.


Credit for Moyes in that he really got the boys fired up for this one. I again question his tactics towards the end of the game and if both Arteta and Heitinga hadnt picked up knocks Im not sure he would have changed it. However at least he made the right calls when they did have to go off.


Roll on next week! COYBS

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Has to be Distin. He was absolutely immense.


Honourable mentions to Coleman, Baines, Cahill and Yakubu.


What a fucking brilliant performance.


Don't understand what people are moaning about re: the last 30 minutes. We defended brilliantly, didn't let them in behind or let them break at us and we threatened to break numerous times with Yakubu and Beckford. Professional and effective, exactly what we need more of.

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Don't understand what people are moaning about re: the last 30 minutes. We defended brilliantly, didn't let them in behind or let them break at us and we threatened to break numerous times with Yakubu and Beckford. Professional and effective, exactly what we need more of.


I totally agree with that statement, Ian. Tactiacally, we allowed that to happen to create our own space on the break and to be honest in most games that would have happened when a team is chasing the game, we do it ourselves. Anyway lets not be churlish, and I only called home to get a bite to eat before finishing the day off. Distin for me, could have been any of.............well 11, 12, 13 or 14 really.

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I went for Distin for MOTM. But I could just as easily gone for Timbo. Arteta did some good stuff not only in attack but acting defensively in midfield too. He broke up a few attacks. The Yak did brilliantly by forcing them into defence and putting himself about.


I think the tactics were excellent. Puting the ball into the net twice when we were on top, and then 'resting' as if to save energy for any further atticking play if needed. Or maybe to ensure we were fresh for the next game against Spurs.


We really had nothing to worry about from the RS attack. It was pretty woeful. Most of them didn't really want to know from the body language.


The chants of "Going Down, Going Down" were premature, but very very sweet.


On the whole a good performance all through the team, so I could nominate most of them really. I will stick with Distin though.

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love this piece of analogy by The Guardian " Sotirios Kyrgiakos and Martin Skrtel were being led a harrowing dance by Yakubu Ayegbeni, who scattered them time and again like an armoured car sent into battle against spear-throwers." aha!


...And in response to Evertontoffees...WTF are you on dude!? out of politeness i see no-one had the heart to tell him Neill DOESNT play for us anymore? ahaha. Either he hasnt got a clue what he's sniffing or its a kopite wind-up?

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Love the fact that Seamus has made Garth Crooks' "Team of the Week" at right-back :huh: .




Does he actually watch any football or just sit smoking crack?

Maybe there were no decent RB performances that merit a 'team of the week' selection and knowing Seasmus' status as a RB got him in? Saying that, its still odd...so yeah, smoking something!!.

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Went for dusty bin. Never say I don't give credit where due. Very good today, given my criticism of him, he deserves the award for stepping up to the plate. All things being equal the yak was awesome, not giving it to him on the basis that what we seen today is the minimum we should expect off such a unit. His shoulder barge deserves it's own thread, even my red mates were tickled and impressed.

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I went for Jagielka myself. I thought that he commanded the defence perfectly and was by far the best defender we had. I agree that Distin was good but I felt that his heading was actually poor - Jagielka seemed to have a faultless game today against Liverpool. Kept Torres out of trouble and made some excellent tackles, especially that one towards the end when Gerrard I think it was looked all set to score.


Notible mentions to Cahill & Mikel for the goals. Yakubu for working his arse of today, if he would have scored a goal then he could have been MOTM and a mention for Beckford. I've not liked the look of him because I thought he was shit against Newcastle but today he looked like he has a point to prove. Good game from him (for the time he was on)

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I'm actually going to have to come back to this because there were so many good performances. Distin, Yak, Coleman, Baines, Cahill and Arteta all superb.


Also worth noting just how good Ossie was. I'm one of his biggest critics but he was probably one if, if not the, best player in the first 45. He'd be right up there if he hadn't picked up a knock.

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