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Thanks feck - its all over!

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8 hours ago, StevO said:

We all know, the minute he is sacked we will all he feeling like we love it again won’t we? And get excited all over again, and enjoy the rumours? 

I’m waiting for that day. 

Ha. Absolutely true.

The daily not knowing is gonna be a killer...until we know!!!

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EPL account on Facebook has shared the news and seen other club supporters' comments on it. Same old shit, of course, it looks like a success story from a distance. I want Sam to move United if Mr Bus Driver get sacked or Chelsea after Conte just to see if they'll be pleased with his football. I'll have my arguments saved until that day to discuss them how Fat Sam is successful while managing those clubs.

I have never seen such boring football matches in my life. Goof ball... Really? Goodbye Sam, good riddance.

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