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baines or psycho pat ?

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Been a worried during the transfer window, always am, thought of losing Bainesy is a sickener, paying

it doesn't happen.


but it got my thinking who's the best left back we've ever had. I aint bringing ray Wilson into it

because it was before my time.so is it Leighton Baines or Pat Van Den Hauwe ?


Baines has a more all round game, with his superb crossing and free kicks, but my vote just about goes to pat. what a player's brilliant tackler, fast as a whippet and hard as nails.

I really cant remember anyone really skinning him, or getting the better of him over 90 minutes.


Had the pleasure of meeting him just after he signed from Birmingham, he was at Goodison for our next

home game v Southampton. we were 2-0 up in 10 mins, but the match ended 2-2.


I was there early and welcomed him to the club, wished him well and he was with his stunning first wife


one of my favourite Everton players ever, and as older evertonians know, he was the original psycho, long

before Stuart Pearce.

so he gets my vote just ahead of Bainesy, but it would be interesting to know what fans who remember

Pat will think.

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Baines might have struggled in Psycho's era but I think Psycho would have adapted to present day (apart from I wouldn't want him taking too many direct free-kicks but he could be in there for the corners) so, all round it has to be Psycho.


Psycho hated Craig Johnston with a passion by some accounts (friend's father worked at the club for a while when Psycho was there) and Pat threatened to break Johnston's legs, as they were on the way out of the tunnel, if he came anywhere near him on the pitch. Johnston went and played on the other wing.


A newspaper reporter's memory of him is the flight home after the European Cup Winner's Final - the seat next to Pat was the only one empty so the reporter had to sit there and all his report really said was he'd never been so scared of saying or doing the wrong thing in his life.

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Didn't Pat score the winner against Norwich, at Norwich to secure the 86-87 championship, probably his only goal.


Who was best out of him and Baines, well I think Pat was the better defender, but for me Baines is much better going forward and with the ball.


I'm going for Baines.......just don't tell Pat!

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Yes, Van Den Hauwe was on target in the 1 - 0 victory at Norwich City in 1986/87 that saw us accomplish that seasons league championship although I think Baines is the better overall player. Other players of merit that could have been included would be Michael Ball, Darracott, Wright, Wilson and Thomas Jones, going back far enough. Hinchcliffe also deserves a mention for his fine contributions.

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Unsworth took a better pen, slide-tackling was spot on, his crossing weren't to bad either, would have been a special player if the pie are could get up and down the pitch. Unfortunate not to have more of a chance a centre-half. Still a better lb than Baines, most have been. But todays game has more onus on getting forward, and non come close to Baines in that regard from what I've watched.

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MikeO seen Ray Wilson play who was arguably one of the best left backs of his era, he reckons Baines is ahead of him.


I never had the opportunity to see Wilson play. Only took an interest in the club seven or eight years after his departure, but he was a very reliable player, and of course participated in the world cup winning side of 1966 as the only Everton player involved. Better than Van Den Hauwe but not sure about Baines as it currently stands, but a fine servant for club and country.

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Don't forget being part of an overall poor team, and under two disappointing managers (Kendall third time around and Walter Smith). Ball was a decent player, regular penalty taker for a while, really showed promise and scored some important goals, but the team (and management) around him was poor to say the least.


Baines, Van Den Hauwe, Wilson, Darracott etc, had better caliber of playing individuals and management to work with to show off their attributes.

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