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Predict our result - The Game!


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Seen a few forums that have their own prediction league, just on their own club.

The idea is to guess the score and the 1st goalscorer.

Points are as follows ... 1 POINT for the correct result , 2 POINTS for the correct score, and 3 points for the correct 1st goalscorer

So if Everton win this weekend 2-1 with jelavic scoring first it would look like this ....

Norwich 1-2 Everton.


Thats 1 for the right result 2 for the right score, and 3 for the 1st scorer = 6points

if Everton dont win and Jelavic does'nt score its nil points

Sounds complicated but it isnt. anybody can have a go,

I would look after it but would leave it to Admin / Mods to choose where it should go.

To give everybody a chance we should start it next game West Brom, it will give everybody a chance to see it, cos not everyone is on TT every day.

I'll leave it to you Admin.

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Was going to say I'll pin it but someone already has :lol:.


So if we're starting with West Brom we can use the Norwich game as a "pre season friendly".


One question....is the "first scorer" the first Everton scorer or the first of either side (guessing it's the second one)?




Norwich 2 Everton 4



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Make it our first scorer, not going to keep tabs this week but i think everybody gets the drift,

If anybody forgets to put a scorer down it is void, if the game ends up a 0-0 you must indicate your scorer as None.

if you just leave it blank its void.


Norwich 1-0 Everton.



I'll put the West Brom game up as soon as Norwich is finished, give everybody a chance to have a go.

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In that case, i've edited mine to show our scorer.


And this week counts Bill! you've got people interested and involved, can't change it now :P



No its only a dummy run, a lot of people will miss out on this weeks score because its gone up too late.

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So many different versions of putting it down wrong, its so simple really just do it as it is ....


Norwich 1-2 Everton



West Brom 2-0 Everton



Pete, you'll have to nominate the player who will score an own goal.



2-1 Everton


1-0 Everton, Fellaini

1-1. Everton goal from Jelavic.

Norwich 1 - 3 Everton

Own Goal





Everton 2 Norwich 0


Edited by Bill
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