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I'm always wary whenever we're linked with a keeper. I've watched Begovic have great games myself, and make some incredible saves, but the fact is we don't see keepers of other clubs week in, week out so we don't really get to see their deficiencies. What I mean is that outside of Everton fans of other clubs have probably thought Howard is a fantastic keeper but he's never been great in reality.


I'm not saying I don't want or Begovic, or don't rate him, just that I'm hoping that whatever deficiencies come to light, if and when we sign him (or another keeper), aren't too big or at least less than the ones Howard has.

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Begovic was very good at Stoke and was probably Chelsea's best player during the first half of this season. Plenty of PL experience, too, so hard to think of a better alternative that is available, might be interested and is a "sure bet" as you can never be sure how keepers who come from abroad adjust. Good age, too.

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Guest rusty747

We're selling Stones to Stoke?!

Well, they are a different Stoke now to the one of three seasons ago and they seem to have money to spend so why not? I also think Shawcross would be good for Stones.


Never happen of course!

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I'd be very happy with Begovic, he's 29 you could say prime years for a keeper and he'll have another three years or so left in the tank at top level


If we did sign him I'd like to see Joel loaned out to a Championship side, I still think he has a bright future but he needs time to work on his weaknesses

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You don't have to be late 20s to be good Gordon west was 19 when we signed him for a then record fee.

Nobody said you did but keepers have a longer shelf life generally and tend to hit their peak in later years, its no coincidence some of the best around are that kind of age


Some of the most renowned "young" keepers around are nigh on mid twenties... Lopes Padt Ter Stegen etc

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