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Arda Turan

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i sent this to another topic here, let me paste it here as well with some additions;



He used to be a very good, promising player. He shined when he was playing for Galatasaray then his Atletico Madrid years were huge success under Simeone but can't tell the same for his Barcelona "days"

He is not in a good shape, not sure even he is practicing or going to trainings. He can still be a useful transfer but signing him during the Jan. transfer window is a huge risk as he needs to reshape himself but it requires at least 3 months for him to get in a good shape as far as i can see him on Turkish media nearly everyday, he is not even spending his days in Spain for a while.

He can play as AMR - AML and AMC. As Rooney playing more like MC-AMC, you won't need him on that position, he struggled as MC at Barça so counting it as "not an option"

He can be a good substitute but probably his wage will be huge for a substitute player as he is earning a lot by doing nothing at Barça and Barça also stated that they need some cash to sell him as they spent 34m. for his transfer but there were nothing in return for them. It was a shit experience for both sides. He still could have been star player for Atleti side and Barça could do the same without him on their roster.

I believe he still can be good addition to Everton but he will need some mentorship to get in the game. He is a little bit distracted nowadays and been a while he didn't play. If he can focus on his game, he will be a good experience even for the youngsters in Everton squad.



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17 minutes ago, Matt said:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with signing a 30 yr old, provided it's not a 4-5 year contract. If he comes in for a reasonable price and contributes for 1-2 seasons, then happy days.

That's a big If tho Matt for a player that has not played for months, who plays in a position we have covered, and is reportedly a trouble maker.

In general tho I agree with you about signing players over 30, look how good Barry was for example.

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In the meantime;

Turkish newspapers also telling that Everton may decide to make a move for Oguzhan Ozyakup as well. I don't think it is a true story (he is from arsenal btw if someone remembers him from their youth team). In my opinion, his strength is not suited for the premier league but gets along very well with Cenk, almost telepathically and his technique and vision good enough. Still, he is not a strong player, can be beaten with light shoulder touch.

Probably it is fake news. (narrated by trump)

He plays as MC (Nr. 8 kind of MC) or AMC.


P.s: Wow, i became "Daniel Amokachi", he retired at Besiktas by becoming a club legend. Proud. swh

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