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Leicester (Away) 1st May


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I didn't see a matchday thread for this one so getting it started. I'm nervous about this one. Thankfully results went our way this weekend, so that helps ease the pressure a litte bit. COYB.

Expecting the same lineup as the last match except hopefully Patterson for Godfrey (if Coleman isn't fit). 

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I would be shocked if he stuck with the same team against Newcastle, then again I wouldn’t.

Iwobi had a bad game like a few others.

would like to see Gray start.

As said above Godfrey has to be benched 

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4 minutes ago, Shukes said:

Might have a lot to do with a 3.30 am hometime after a 50th birthday party for a friend. I’m peeing red wine and whisky!

😂 luckily for you it’s an evening kickoff mate, hope it doesn’t effect your singing we need some big voices in the stands tonight too cheer the boys to a win. 

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  • Sibdane changed the title to Leicester (Away) 1st May

Taking my nerves into account, plus those being expressed by others on here....I can tell it means a lot to us. The anxiety, the desire for the lads to just put in one good performance for god's sake. .Cmon lads, time to show up and show us it means as much to you as well. 

I can see this being the game where DCL announces himself as back....I'll take a diving header ala Crystal Palace last season

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4 minutes ago, Hafnia said:

What I don’t like is that if Godfrey was so poor as to be dropped from the squad (which he was) then why didn’t he sun him off?  He was appalling before the Newcastle game but got picked. 

He's got a groin injury apparently.

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12 minutes ago, Newty82 said:

Nobody...nobody...can say he ain't going for it with that line up.

Over to the players...

If Iwobi isn’t on it I would like to see Gray come on sooner rather than later not to late. But agreed we have got a great chance here to get at them by attacking in numbers, dare I say it we need the defence to give us a clean sheet. 

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1 minute ago, Goodison Glory said:

I have no idea how Leicester are in this position with the quality they have up front. Maddison, Barnes and Tielemens offer way more than our front players.

They lost Schmeichel and replaced him with probably the worst premier league keeper in history.  His backup is now starting.  

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On paper this should be the second easiest game we have left. 

Leiceter city fans will be say this should be the easiest of their remaining fixtures. 

Tonight they need to battle for every ball like it's the most important game of there lives. 

I feel Premiership survival (for both clubs) could hinge on winning or losing this game. Glad Coleman is back in the team.


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12 minutes ago, Hafnia said:

Starting to feel the stress 

Same mate, but they will be feeling the same as us. We need to start fast here and we can turn the crowd against them.

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