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Steve Walsh (Director of football)

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Their lot are in a right panic over it.


wow real meltdown over there. was just going to post about how i'm still not excited about this but after reading all their reaction its like if he leaves they'll get relegated or something. either they are masters of hyperbole or this guy really is something.

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Sounds like this is done already with just a bit of theatre being played out to appease Leicester fans on their side.


Putting 2 and 2 together, I see us moving for Michael Keane as a CB option with Stones outgoing. Leicester have been in for Keane this summer and we've been tracking him for a couple of seasons too.

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How will a director of football benefit us? Geniune question as I'm okay with having one but just don't really know what will be different if he arrives. Is it that he has ridiculous knowledge of world football and players therefore able to forward these on to Koeman??? Because lets face it, Koeman has his targets in mind most probably and if they're pretty good, Walsh will just agree surely...

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It's someone to handle all of the searching and scouting, freeing the manager up to just work with the team. I'm sure they would agree on targets together and then make moves.

Spot on. It makes sense on paper because neither person is stretched too thin with too much responsibility, but the right relationship between the two is integral to getting the correct players for the system.

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Everton complete signing of Leicester City recruitment supremo Steve Walsh
Everton have made a statement of intent after raiding Premier League champions Leicester City for their head of recruitment, Steve Walsh.
Walsh will be confirmed as Everton’s new director of football on Wednesday in a potentially damaging blow to Leicester City as they prepare to defend their title.
Everton have agreed to pay about £2 million in compensation to land the highly regarded recruitment chief, who also doubled up as Leicester’s assistant manager, and talks were concluded on Tuesday.
Though Leicester initially rejected an approach from the Merseysiders, Walsh made it clear he wanted to speak to Everton officials to set the move in motion.
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