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MOTM vs Swansea (home)



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  1. 1. MOTM

    • Pickford
    • Williams
    • Kenny
    • Holgate
    • Martina
    • Gueye
    • Schneiderlin
    • Sigurdsson
    • Rooney
    • Lennon
    • DCL

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  • Matt unlocked this topic

I went with Holgate. The challenge he got booked for was a cracker, he was barely out of position and on the whole he played some nice passes upfield into DCL to get us up the pitch.

Big shouts to Kenny, Lennon and DCL too. Not always showing quality but they were effective. 

Gana was superb in the last half hour as well, had it been longer, he would have been considered.

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27 minutes ago, hafnia said:

DCL.  I'm a big fan of this lad.  Gets better all the time. Proper centre forward. Little bit of polish required on finishing but he's gonna be good - very good. 

More than a bit mate. He’s a brilliant asset upfront but he needs to do soooo much better with his finishing. 

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32 minutes ago, Newty82 said:

Didn't he get pulled back as he was about to shoot???

I think so, but he still could have done better. His touch is incredible; he makes retaining the ball look easy. His shooting is just far too cautious. If he starts to just hit em when he's in those good positions I think he'll convert more chances.

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3 hours ago, Romey 1878 said:

If you watch him in the warm-up when they're practicing shooting he regularly tamely hits it straight at the keeper. Shooting is definitely something that he needs to work on.

That's almost encouraging because it's a confidence thing and not an ability thing. Everything's usually on target for him he just needs to care less about the result and put more force in to it. 

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