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Dude is an absolute beast of a center forward, and after watching him a bit with Barnsley, he's got better feet than I expected for such a truck of a guy. Think he's gonna require a substantial price tag though, and we might want to find a cheaper option to back up DCL
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“I think dyke is a great player. He works harder than 95% of the players I’ve seen. He’s huge and he is decent with his footwork. He’s a nice guy. A club guy and will be dedicated to the club. I don’t think he is worth 20m and the prem is a different league. Everyone is strong. I think he has more to gain being at Everton than you’ll gain from him. 

If you see his best goals, they are almost all from defenders giving him space. He won’t get that in the PL.”


from a friend who’s an Orlando City season ticket holder

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1 hour ago, dunlopp9987 said:

He's got 7 in 13. I wouldn't mind having him here, but after today's ineptitude in front of goal, I'd want us to bring in a proven goal scorer in this league

The problem is there aren’t many proven scorers in this league, and the ones who are better than DCL won’t sign for us and the ones who aren’t quite as good won’t come to play second fiddle. 
Rock and a hard place. 

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