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Man of the Match v Leicester


MOTM v Leicester  

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  1. 1. HYS

    • Jordan Pickford
    • Seamus Coleman
    • Yerry Mina
    • Ben Godfrey
    • Vitaliy Mykolenko
    • Fabian Delph
    • Allan
    • Alex Iwobi
    • Anthony Gordon
    • Demarai Gray
    • Richarlison

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Gone Iwobi. Set the standard for effort and it was huge from him today. If Richarlison finished his chances he would have gotten it easily. 
Delph got better as the game went on. Backline was still a mess, we need to settle on a back 4 for the run in.

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8 hours ago, MC11 said:

Overlapped Gray time and time again and never received it once. 

This lad will be a good solid player. Confidence is definitely building m. 

Agree. He is showing good consistency as well. Next season we will re build but himself and Patterson could be exciting for the future.

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Mykolenko for me, looked solid all game and seems to be growing in confidence with each game

Thought Iwobi was great when we were in possession but looked lost when they had the ball and we’re finding space in between our back four and midfield far too easily but that’s probably also a lot to do with the system tbf

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Myko for me - judging this on how well he is adapting to the Prem, I was expecting it to take until at least sometime next season to be seeing these types of performance (he is in a struggling team, so make it doubly difficult to settle in ) . I think he is going to be great going forward, was making himself available down that wing time after time and Grey at fault (like a few have mentioned) for not utilizing his runs, but he was still making them and his 'chances created' stats could be get to a decent level if player utilise his runs.

We have to remember his is still a pup and just more up to the toughest fastest league in the world so it going to make mistakes, but I get the feeling he is going to become a crowd favorite as he definitely looks to have the right attitude to play for this club.



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On 21/04/2022 at 17:53, chicagoblue said:

Still sells himself and commits too often.  Hopefully he can temper that, since going forward his energy really helps us open up the pitch and gives us balance. 

This is my issue with him too. Think it was two or three times he sold himself which put us in big trouble. 

I am not as big on him going forward. He makes the forward runs you would want from an attacking full back but the quality on the ball isn't there yet. 

He is looking solid enough though and is settling game by game. Long may that continue. 

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