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Who do you NOT want

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We all have different opinions on who we want as the manager  so I thought we could narrow it down by going through the people we really do not want to replace Sam.  One name per post and put in the reason why not.

My first name is David Moyes  Not because he left to go to Man utd.  (No problem with anyone trying to better themselves) but to try to take our star players along with him after he himself said it was wrong to do it, shows a total lack of respect for the club.  I would not trust him to drink a bottle of wine without pouring it away to get a free second one. 

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19 hours ago, c1982 said:

I don’t want anyone stuck in their ways like our previous few managers - if it’s not working find another way!!! We need a manager who will evolve with the ever changing climate.

Does that mean he needs a good summer and winter wardrobe if so we could go for Ralph Lauren. 

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