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Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

Cornish Steve

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The rules will remain the same as for the second half of last season - with one difference (see below). Each week, you'll predict just two things: the final score and the scorer of first Everton’s first goal. Please use the same format each week:

Home-team x-x Away-team

For example, you might predict,

Wolves 1-2 Everton

Here's how points will be awarded:

a. 1 point for the correct outcome (win, lose, or draw)
b. 1 point for the correct goal difference
c. 1 point for the correct number of goals scored by Everton
d. 1 point for the correct number of goals scored by the opposition
e. 1 point for your prediction being better than the average prediction
f. 2 points for predicting the first Everton goal-scorer
g. 1 point if your predicted goal-scorer scores other than the first goal
h. 3 bonus points if you correctly predict the final score and the first goal-scorer

Here's the fine print on these rules:

  • You receive 2 points if your goalscorer gets the first goal and 1 point if he gets one of the other goals. You do not get 3 points if he scores both.
  • You can choose "own goal" as your goalscorer, in which case it doesn't matter who from the opposing team scores that own goal.
  • You can choose 'none' as your goalscorer. If Everton score no goals, you'll receive two points.
  • You may predict Everton to score no goals but still enter a first goalscorer.
  • Similarly, you may predict Everton to score one or more goals but still enter 'none' as your goalscorer.
  • For the technically minded, the definition of "better than the average prediction" is quite simple: (ABS[yourEvertonscore - actualEvertonscore] + ABS[youropponentscore - actualopponentscore]) < (ABS[averageEvertonscore - actualEvertonscore] + ABS[averageopponentscore - actualopponentscore])
  • To be listed in the points-per-prediction totals, you must have predicted the score in at least one-third of the games.
  • Predictions are for Premier League games only, not for other league or cup competitions.

Here are some examples. Let's say Everton are playing at home to Spurs. The final result is 2-0, with Tosun scoring first and Davies scoring second.

  • If you predicted 1-0 (Tosun), you score a+d+f = 4 points (and maybe a point for being better than average)
  • If you predicted 2-1 (Davies), you score a+c+g = 3 points (and maybe a point for being better than average)
  • If you predicted 3-1 (Keane), you score a+b = 2 points (and maybe a point for being better than average)
  • If you predicted 2-0 (Davies), you score a+b+c+d+e+g = 6 points
  • If you predicted 2-0 (Tosun), you score a+b+c+d+e+f+h = 10 points

Here's the rule change: If you fail to make a prediction one week, one point will be deducted from your total score. Note: if your score drops to -3, you'll be removed from the game. (Each season, some people start playing the game and then disappear; this rule is meant to stop this from happening - and to make my life easier when it does.)

Note: all predictions must be posted here prior to kickoff: no exceptions. If you want to change your prediction, please do so in a new post; don't edit the first one. The change must be made prior to kickoff. If the game starts at 3:00pm, then you must post your prediction by no later than 2:59pm. If you change your prediction after kickoff, your prediction that week will be null and void and one point will be deducted.

Mike and aaron are the guys to beat! :)

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2 hours ago, aaron said:

providing I remember to guess every game this season then good luck to the rest of you battling for second place this season :P

I'll predict the score after the Valencia game.

I'm tempted to downvote this.

Wolves 1-2 Everton


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16 hours ago, Shukes said:

Hmm I have to question your thinking 😉

You can choose to predict zero goals and also choose a first goalscorer. It's a consequence of last season's request to grant 10 points to anyone who predicts no goals and no scorer. View it as the opportunity to hedge your bets - although there's no way you can score 10 points by choosing this option.

Incidentally, the following is also valid, for the same reason:

Wolves 0-1 Everton

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