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Spurs ( Away ) Monday 7th March


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Midweek night game for 2 teams in pretty poor form. 

An early goal and they could really fall apart - I feel their crowd may be anxious as well. Regardless we need to address our away form and take something from this game.


Coleman   Holgate    Keane      Kenny

             DVB        Allan       Douc’s

Gordon            Richarlison           Gray


Wouldn’t mind Kenny on the right and Coleman LB as Kenny has put some decent crosses in lately. Assume Mykolenko is out injured. Can’t see us keeping a clean sheet so think we will need 2/3 goals in this one.


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9 minutes ago, Romey 1878 said:

Mykolenko only had a dead leg but I don’t expect him to keep his starting spot. 

Cheers mate - I was watching the game on the fly and thought he must have picked something up after that nudge over the side line.

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1 minute ago, Bailey said:

I think that side is about as strong as we can put out and we have 3 in midfield. 

I am marginally optimistic. 

About this time before every game I reach peak optimism.  

Then reality and the odd clanger smash my hopes on the floor and urinate on them.

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I’m more concerned about the tactics than the team, are we going to implement a high press or be more deep in our defensive set up, doomed if we don’t doomed if we do, I fear the pace of Spurs front line to be honest give them to much space to play into behind the defenders and Son and Kane will fill there boots. 

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