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5 minutes ago, aaron said:

He’s boss on footy manager! Other than that I have no idea if he’s good, been a lot of big clubs linked with him recently but none have gone for him. 

He is one of the best players I signed on there on my last FM16 game. Playing him on the right of a front 3, get him cutting inside on his left foot.

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49 minutes ago, c1982 said:

If we get Malcom and Bernard, we’d only be an Alan and Clive short of a lawn bowls team.

We should close this thread now. You win.


On a serious note, this came out of nowehere - hope it's true. Hopefully this means Bolasie on the way out and we have a group of at-least semi-exciting wingers to play (Walcott, Lookman, Malcolm)

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1 hour ago, StevO said:

Don’t know the slightest thing about the guy, left footed?

Yep left footed. On FM he is a quick, dribbling creative player that can play up front or wide which looking at Youtube seems to be pretty accurate, although I think he may play more behind a striker (no 10) than as the main striker. I doubt he would be a focal point in a 433 over here.

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21 minutes ago, Romey 1878 said:

The same Echo that had Mori going to Boro a few hours before he was announced as a Villarreal player... :lol: 

Not saying it’s not a load of bollocks but I wouldn’t trust that paper to even know the address for Goodison Park 

True enough but Domonic Kings also said he thinks it’s wide of the mark- Alan Myers has heard nothing. Hopefully they are all wrong.

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I really want a mass exodus of the shite and a really good 16-20 players with the kids topping up. Stek, coco, Williams,Morgan, klassen, Bolasie, mirralas, niasse plus the likes of browning etc. Malcolm is the exact type of player we need in the first eleven. Next- centre back, left back, midfielder and forward 

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