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Most unlikeable player of the season 21-22

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Just been browsing a Burnley forum to see their reaction to last night and saw this, as many will be having a day off today let’s do ours,  interesting to see we do well in many of their top 5 🤔

Here’s mine

1 Fernades - constant whinging

2 Robertson - narky little git imo

3 Hwang - for all the faking injury ans time wasting at Goodison

4 VVD - purely for the smoke that everyone blows up his arse, yes he’s good but they make him out to be superhuman.

5 Rondon - cos we had to put up with him for so long ( ok a bit tonge in cheek )

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  • Wiggytop changed the title to Most unlikeable player of the season 21-22

1 Robertson, hate the dirty rat of a twat.

2 Trent, just don’t get it. If he was a winger yes…. But he is simply a shot defender.

3 Mane, another sneaky little arrogant prick.

4 Alison, we pick on DCL for dressing like a girl… this sorry as is named after one! ( me ex Alison was psycho) 

5 anyone else that plays in that shit coloured shirt!

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2 hours ago, Palfy said:

Paul Pogba should be charged with taking money under false pretences, I dislike all players who don’t give a fuck about the clubs they play for yet are quite happy to pick their wages up every week.  

He's not even that good of a player either. Never got the hype around him at all.

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10 hours ago, Btay said:

Actually don’t mind him and would have him here in a heartbeat.

Fernandes though, dirty hack of a player. 


10 hours ago, Wiggytop said:

Me too, and it would add to our list giving us 3-4 of the top 5 unlikeables 😜

I really dislike him. 

He is talented but be is such an idiot and he is someone that throws in the towel when it goes against him. He has done it for Southampton and Spurs. He is a bit of a fraud in my eyes.

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