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Eldin Jakupovic

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in a 5 year career at Leicester he's played 2 games! :D

prior to that he was at Hull for 5 years, loaning him out to Leyton Orient for a season where even they only used him for 13 games!  He played for Hull 38 times.

Must be amazing to be a serial 3rd choice goalkeeper, get paid to keep fit at a top football club and hone your goalkeeping skills then get a decent free ticket to the match every week!

He did score a goal for Grasshoppers once so he could always go up front if Maupay and DCL aren't fit! :D 

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1 hour ago, FairWooney said:

I'd agree, i'm pretty non plussed about signing another keeper who won't play and i'm sure he won't be on huge wages but given he's not exactly stacked with top experience surely one of the current young keepers can be up to the job of sitting on the bench in reserve for the couple of games that Begovic will play.

Yeah never understood the lack of faith in the young goalkeepers.  It is a very very rare chance that they would ever play and sitting on the bench would mean the world to them.  Top two choices would have to be out and if so I'd imagine it would only be a game or two.  Not often that both of your top two options are injured long term and if they were, that would be the time to bring in an emergency keeper.  

Deal is short so hopefully won't be around long.  Speaking of deals, wonder if we have offered a new one to Begovic?


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9 minutes ago, MikeO said:

Fair point.  None of our youth keepers have any experience at all.  Hopefully with a new academy vision in place, more young keepers will be getting loans and experience vs just sitting in our u21s for years.  Tyrer is at Chester and already has 7 games.  

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6 hours ago, Hafnia said:

There’s deffo a reason for keepers to stay fit in later years. Didn’t Richard weight earn a fortune from this sort of gig? 

Scott Carson’s taken over the ultimate gig at Man City now. It must be ace for keepers who have had a top career already to actually end up at a level higher than they ever actually achieved in their twilight years. Carson and Wright (Weight sorry!) have been parts of elite squads competing for the top honours albeit in the background - Lonergan was part of a squad (I forget who) who had similar success too. I can see why clubs do it - not just as an emergency option but as much for training sessions and counselling/coaching for such a unique position.

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