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Wolves away 20th May


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    • Wolves have won their past three Premier League games against Everton, as many as they had in their first 14 meetings in the competition (D5 L6).

    • Dwight McNeil is Everton's top league scorer this season with seven goals. Five of these have come since Sean Dyche took charge in February.

    • Everton are looking to win consecutive Premier League away games for the first time since May 2021.



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15 minutes ago, Gwlad all over said:

Anything other than a win and I will be seriously worried.

Same, I have the fear whenever it’s the lead up to a match. We’ve been riding our luck for so long that I get night sweats and palpitations at the mere thoughts of a ball being kicked. Hopefully we can perform another miracle, if not let’s hope the other results go our way

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16 minutes ago, Cornish Steve said:

The incentive is that a win might very well consign Leeds and Leicester to the Championship, because I don't see either of them winning this weekend.

Really wish people would stop posting this kind of stuff...

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22 minutes ago, RPG said:

I think a reasonable way to look at this game is that a win for us would apply an awful lot of pressure on Leeds and Leicester.

Exactly. Leeds are absolutely capable of pulling out a win against what will likely be an exhausted West Ham side. I don't see Leicester getting anything against Newcastle, but I worry about the Leeds result

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1 hour ago, Hafnia said:

My concern is left back. Dwight mcneil needs to stay as an attacking threat but work back, which he does. Not sure how we are going to go with this. 

ffs. Come on blues! 

The man has been an absolute machine recently.

In fact, in terms of Fitness, quite a few players have been.

Some even seem to have improved their pace and out pace opposition...haven't been able to say that for years!

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Just now, Hafnia said:

Is that the preferred result? I thought they needed a win.  Or would that mean they could put flip flops on

If Brighton win their game in hand, then Europa league is out for Spurs, so then yes they would be in flip flop territory for Leeds. 

We actually needed Spurs to win today so they would keep fighting for 6th on the final day

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