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Everton FC.

TheBlues.jpgVersus . QPR-2.jpgQueens Park Rangers


Saturday 20th August at Goodison Park kick-off 3.pm



In 92/93 season QPR beat EFC 4-2 with Andy Sinton scoring a hat trick , this was the season that QPR finished top premier league London club in 5th place, ahead of Spurs 8th, Arsenal,10th and Chelsea 11th. I signed up to a Rangers forum and spoke to a few supporters, they were kind enough to answer some questions i put to them. Der Blauweissengel, who will be shortened to Der Blau, Biscuit Ranger who shall just be Biscuit, and Wrinkly Hoop, who shall just be Wrinkly (sorry mate), and Willo. Thanks a lot lads for participating.

1. You've been a long time out of the Prem what was the feeling like knowing you were coming up, and how do you think your 1st season will go.

Der Blau .... It's actually been so long in terms of the proportion of my life watching football - 15 out of 22 years that it feels pretty surreal and incredible, especially with the Premier League being this mythical magical fantasy land that it really wasn't when we were last up there. I really believe our first season will be a challenge within our ability. Just within it. I'm hoping for 44 points and a finish around 14-16th. Having seen what we're capable of last season, and not losing any of our players and adding a few useful ones, I'm sure we'll be a very strong side and compared with what I observed from last season's Premier League I really believe we'll be ok as long as we don't get hit with injuries to our key players, those being Derry, Faurlin, Taarabt and Paddy Kenny.

2. Neil Warnock has had a few health problems, is he well enough to take the added pressures of the premier league.

Der Blau .....He's been fine ever since he left Sheffield United - in fact I can't remember when he last had a massive health problem. He's as up for this as anyone. It's not much of a question really except to say that for a club in our situation the premier league doesn't actually add pressure. We're not expected to win more than we lose in this league. The pressure to stay on top in the football league was massive because it was expected of us, but in the Premiership there's no expectation to beat Arsenal or to keep a clean sheet against Everton for example. The only pressure on Neil Warnock will come from himself and that's the same for any manager.


3. Last seasons hype was all about Taraabt, how do you think he will cope against much better players in the Premier.

Der Blau .... The thing Taarabt will find difficult is what to do when we haven't got the ball. Last season we were so good at winning it back and getting it out to him that he could just stand on the halfway line and wait for it before going and doing his stuff again. We did see signs of him tracking back a bit towards the end of the season and even got stuck in with the odd tackle and header but he'll need to do that a lot more this year. As for what he does on the ball, well I think we'll see plenty more of that against premier league players.

Willo .... He needs to show more respect to our fans and club. He hasn't proved himself in the Prem yet and should feel and show gratitude to our club for his chance to do so. Ability yes, attitude we shall see.


4. If you had a chance to swap a few of our players with a few of yours who would they be and why

Der Blau ... Well everyone wants a Tim Cahill. Also we're short on fullbacks. Our first choice pair are decent enough but they're pretty much all we've got so I wouldn't say no to any of yours. As for our players, well I suppose we could make do without Rob Hulse and Leon Clarke. For some reason they just weren't fitting into our system, but maybe they could do well for someone else such as yourselves.

Willo .... Would take Cahill for obvious reasons. Baines is a quality full back and Fellaini would be a great defensive midfielder for any side. Rodwell is an exciting talent who could do very well. As for us, you can have Borrowdale.

Biscuit ... Cahill, Baines, Rodwell. Rather than palm you off with the poorer players in our squad I thought I would swap you players that still have something to give but for whatever reason are unlikely to figure much for the R's this season. Ephraim, Helguson, Connolly, Mackie.

5. How do think the game will go and can you offer any score or scorers.

Der Blau ... I'm gonna say 2-2. Taarabt and Bothroyd for us and Rodwell and Saha for you.

Willo ... Tight I think-hope 1-1

Wrinkly ... I think it may depend a little on how we fare against Bolton. If we give a good account of ourselves in that game, we may be able to come to your place and play without fear, which for me is when we've been at our best. As for the score who knows, but I think we would go away happy with a point.

Biscuit ... I will settle for a point against the Toffees. It should be a tight game. The star player will be Paddy Kenny, as he will be in most of our games. Taarabt can score at any time so he would be a good bet. I also think that DJ Campbell will do well for us


6. Where do you think yourselves and Everton will finish in the league.

Biscuit ... I think the R's can finish lower mid table. say 13-16th. The Toffees will finish around 8-10th.

Der Blau ... I can only see top half for Everton somewhere between 6-8 and 14-16 for us.

Willo ... I think we will end up fairly close. 13th for you and 16th for us. well i hope so.

Wrinkly A complete guess Everton 7 - 10, QPR 13 - 16.



Thanks to the Forum admin from http://qprdot.org/index.php who welcomed me with open arms and never questioned my motives, thanks again to the lads who took part and I hope you have an enjoyable time in the prem.


































































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Looking forward to this, it feel like ages since the end of last season!


I just hope we get off to a good positive start, and go out there with the mentality that we are going to have a right good go. I suspect if we got an early goal or two then their confidence would sink, due to the Bolton game. I do fear a mini back lash though, if we let them get into the game.


Fingers crossed for 3 points!

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we should make them respect us not show them respect..i got fo 5-1! saha hat trick...beckford and rodwell


bolton took a mile when given an inch and we should take further! i'm in a good mood today..ask me on friday and i will go for a 2-0 loss...

exactly this. It should be a "welcome to the EPL, now pass the lube and bend over. Actually, forget the lube, here comes daddy..."

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I hope we start out like this...







I won't hold my breath though.


I'm going for 3-0 EFC - COYB!

that would make me very happy

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Although unlikely wouldn't it be amazing if we had one of our performaces where we just run a mock and score tons of goals loads of chances really shove the board problems down the throat of the supporters and everyone. I want investment as much as the next man but in reality all I want is to be able to watch whoever turns out win games and win enough in an exciting enough way as to keep my interest. Is it a darker day today when we haven't been less than 7th for 5 years or darker when we were all calling for moyes head after 7 games without a win.

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Actually feeling confident. Mind, I also felt confident before Arsenal 2 years ago. Would love to see Barkley start or at least get 25-30 minutes. Also really really hoping to not see a 4-5-1.


Got a feeling this might be the year for us to actually start on the right foot. Lots of controversy swirling around and that always seems to be the recipe for good performances from the lads.


3-1, a brace from Becks and a pop from Mikel would be just the ticket methinks.

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Yiihaa, today its on COYB! Finnish tv shows the match live, long time ive seen EFC game with commentary on my own language :D Its going to be 3-0 for us, Saha, Becks, Baines.




Arteta-Osman/Cahill-Felli-Barkley/Bily(or is he still suspended?)


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I find it interesting that the QPR fans mention 2 players that they would want. (Rodwell and Cahill) that most of us might not have in the starting line.


Unfortunatly missing the game live today due to a family thing. But watching it later.


2-0 yakubu and ani. Hahahaha

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Yiihaa, today its on COYB! Finnish tv shows the match live, long time ive seen EFC game with commentary on my own language :D Its going to be 3-0 for us, Saha, Becks, Baines.




Arteta-Osman/Cahill-Felli-Barkley/Bily(or is he still suspended?)



I have a great tv-supplier here in Sweden that shows every PL game live simultaniously over 8 different channels. More if need beso i always have the option of watching Everton live.which i do in 99% of the games. However we always have this family thing on this date so i always miss a live game in the beginning of the season.

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I quite like having QPR in the prem, got a soft spot for them. Seen us beat them 2-0 to win the league and I was always intrigued by their plastic pitch. Had some good players over the years, seaman, Ferdinand, sinton.


Gonna go with a 3-0 win today, Barkley to score, wonder what the odds are?


Just checked 5/1 anytime, 14/1 first. Interestingly baines is 16/1 first goal...

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