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Andros Townsend

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I'm sure he would be a great signing, even though he's as one trick pony as Deulofeu. 22, skilled and already capped.


To be honest, I love to see Everton linked to English/British players. I like a club to maintain its identity, to use homegrown talent and to sign English players when possible (i.e.: no price premium for being English).

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Free transfer on 2 year deal. Hopefully just a squad player as Benitez will want wingers and we’re not exactly blessed in this department. Aaron Lennon signing mk2 - that actually worked out pretty well to be fair.

Nice bit of analysis here:


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We're supposed to be getting rid of the shite we have, not adding to it. Even as a squad player he's not great, but the way things sound he'll be more than that.

I said I was worried about the transfer business we'd do this summer and that's looking well-founded at this point. Fingers crossed we pull some decent signings out of the bag before the window shuts.

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The only saving grace is that it's a free transfer, imagine spending money to add to the deadwood that we already have. I just don't see in what shape or form this lad is needed, or useful. 

The only way I can understand this is that he will be on less money as some of the other shite, so basically we're cutting costs by getting rid of high earning shite and replacing it with low earning shite.

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