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Make your voice heard: what would you think of Allardyce as manager?

The prospect of Sam Allardyce as manager  

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  1. 1. Do you believe Sam Allardyce should be appointed manager of Everton?

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Pointless to bring him in. If we were mired in the bottom 3 come January I could see why desperate measures were needed. OK it's only one result, but coming from 2-0 down to win to end a dire run should stop the club hierarchy hitting the panic button. Allardyce will offer nothing to the club bar save us from relegation in the short term. I don't believe we'd go down with Unsworth in charge. 

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1 hour ago, nogs said:

Plus, it sounds as if Allardyce with Shakespeare is Walsh's pick, which again calls into serious question his judgement. What's the idea, let Shakespeare take over when Allardyce fucks off in the summer?? Ffs!! 

That is exactly what would happen.

1 hour ago, c1982 said:

No - it would be a massive step back for Moshiri’s ambitions for the club. However, if he was given the role, for however long, he’d get my full support as will whoever gets the job.

He wouldn't get my support. Not a drop of it. I wouldn't boo him but he'll get no support whatsoever. I support Everton Football Club and that man will never be this club. I will be deeply ashamed to have him be our manager and I could never support that. It'll remain that way until the happy day he fucks off with his nice wedge of cash.

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The more you think about it, the more senseless it sounds. We all know Allardyce's MO, come in short term on a massive wage and take the plaudits for saving a team from the shit. It's the exact opposite of what we need, we want a long term plan, not a mercenary who will bring in his usual gang of big lads to play lump ball. All it will do is alienate the fans and put back moving the club forward by another year at the very least. 

Just absolutely cannot happen. If it does, Moshiri is the wrong man to be running our club. 

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16 minutes ago, mcirony said:

He's just confirmed that Moshiri has NOT spoken to him. It's just Sky Sports drumming up bets.

Back to the question - I don't want Allardyce anywhere near our club. 


How do they (SSN et al.) get away with this bullshit if that's not the case. Sources my arse, or rather their arses.

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Firstly nobody will and secondly even if they did they would take no notice. They will do what they feel is right as they will be privvy to a LOT more information and facts that we will never know about. There’s a reason they run the club and we post on internet forums. If they done what the fans wanted we’d be in the Vanarama league now and I wpuldn’t want them to operate like that ever.

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