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Lucas Perez Martinez

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He sounds like what we need but I did say that about Niasse based on how he was described (I have reported it to the trade descriptions office).

Spanish leagues are a better indicator of a players ability than the Russian league.


I hope they are right about McCarthy leaving, for whatever reason he has stagnated the last 2 years and needs to go, plus it means we will be signing a couple of new midfielders.

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Certainly seems like he's got elements that make him both a Koeman type and a Walsh type. Hard worker, can play across a front three, direct, pacey, worked his way up from lower leagues. This would be a nice addition. I have a feeling he would be extremely productive surrounded by the better quality we have in our side.

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Is that a genuine comment? Or a martinez pun?


I'll be honest I know nowt about him. He looks a bit like a suarez type forward.... obviously not as good but seems to have good mobility and is clever.

Ye that was my shit attempt at a pun haha.


But he does look an exciting and hard working type forward. Can see him fitting in here.

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Sounding like he might have snubbed us and favours a move to the Arse.


We're struggling to attract even 2nd rate players, which just highlights the impact our poor seasons have had on our "attractiveness".



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Wenger just doesn't learn does he? He needs a proper top quality striker that can relegate Giroud to the bench as the supporting striker his ability warrants, and this is who he supposedly goes after instead? He deserves the abuse he gets .


I'm actually out of sympathy for the bloke - I used to back him for all he's done for them on a budget and getting them a stadium. I honestly think he's doing this to make a point - a stubborn one at that.


Don't get me wrong this lad looks decent and may be a really good player for them but seriously he clearly likes Lacazette and rightly so - why not go out and offer them the money they want for him?


He should have been sacked over the Suarez debacle - £40,000,001 ??? ..... he could have bought europes best striker but he started playing games and got Liverpools back up. He should have banged in a £55m-£60m bid and Arsenal would have won the league the past 3 years - as simple as that.


He's like a millionaire who goes round jumble sales looking for bargains.

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