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Great find by Watford - he seems to have the lot. Great work rate and attitude for this league too. Think he’ll leave them in the summer for a massive profit for Watford and I’m sure teams like Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool will look at him. I’d love him here but don’t think it will happen.

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He's been really good for Watford this season. I'd take him in a heartbeat. Would he come here if ManU and Chelsea are after him?

ManU has Mourinho which doesn't really suit the attacking style of him, and I don't expect Conte to be at Chelsea next season, so there's a big question mark there too. Our manager situation is also up in the air.

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Thats an insane amount of money for a player that only played well for a few months. 

I thought he looked very good under Silva. He had everything (bar maybe not being the best finisher) but things seemed to sour for him once Silva left. I saw him get subbed off and throw a hissy a couple of times too. 

We should be finding the next Richarlison.

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2 minutes ago, c1982 said:

I’m seeing £40m being reported with £10m of that as ‘compensation’ for Silva to get Watford off our backs. £30m for him in this market is about right - the extra £10m makes Watford look good and appeases their fans.

i was wondering if the overpayment was to make good with them.  makes sense.  30m plus 10m "make good" and then add ons, i'm more than happy with that.


circle back in 2 days and get doucoure of them after we've made good :guns:

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