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Liverpool (FA Cup Away) Friday January 5th


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Bracing for an epic beat down here.  I’m not confident at all.  Sorry to be the Donnie downer here but just where I’m at.  It will be a fully parked bus with the hope we can a pen or some miracle goal.


           Lineup I want but won’t see.



kenny holgate williams martina

vlasic davies Gana bolasie




in the event sam gets us the win he will be a legend (ok not really but you get what I mean)

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Last time we lost in the cup at Anfield we was the home team... true stat!

No Coutinho for them, ruled out "injured", Mane and Salah are in Africa the night before and flying back the day of the derby, anyone got any connections with any aviation authority which postpones their flight?

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Sam said he wants to play our strongest squad and dependant on formation, at this moment in time I'd go for - 


Kenny Holgate Williams Martina 

Morgan McCarthy

Bolasi Rooney Lennon



Holgate and Williams seem to work well together and are possibly out best pairing in that position. Jimmy Mac came on and played well last time out and deserves to start.

Thought about Lennon or Siggy on the wing, went for Lennon because he offers more defensively and can cover Martina on that left hand side and I'm not too convinced with siggy out wide, especially in the bigger games. I'd like to see us attack down the right more than the left which has been frustraiting to watch lately. Lennon and Kenny work well together but as I say he is good at covering the defender which let's face it, Martina needs more help defensively than Kenny. Furthermore Bolasi I think is better on the right than the left, so hopefully he can develop a good relationship on the pitch with jonjoe.

DCL up top as I think the ball sticks better to him than Niasse.

Would like to see Tosun come on at some point if he is available. Also would like to see Vlasic at some point.

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4 hours ago, Matt said:

I'd go with:


Kenny Holgate Williams Martina


Vlasic Rooney Lennon

Niasse DCL

Think Bolasie should come on a bit later on and not start. 

But I expect absolutely nothing from this, it's either going to be a pasting or a 80-20% possession stalemate 



Matt you forgot to put Gana in your line up Newty's going to be so upset:D

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