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3 wants for next season

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11 minutes ago, EFC-Paul said:

1: A manager who will sort this squad out as efficiently as possible 

2: A manager that will instill a winning mentality into our players no more bowing down to the shite and the better sides

3: Kelly Brook to sit on my face 

You’ve got more chance of getting number 3😁

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  1. An identity - Let's face it, we don't have one at the moment. Out of the players out on the pitch which ones scream ''Everton'' to you? I could probably count on one hand the players that I could convince myself would put everything on the line for the shirt. I'm not tarring everyone with the same brush and saying that we have a team full of mercenaries but I don't think we have that identity and togetherness that we had in the Moyes era. At the moment we are just another modern football club, pissing money into the wind hoping our number comes up. I want us to spend money wisely, invest in the right people and have an identity again both off and on the pitch. 
  2. A new manager - I don't hate Sam as much as others do but I agree 110% that he isn'tt the man to take this club forward, isn'tt the man that should be managing us next season and shouldn't be given a penny to spend in the transfer market. He deserves a lot of credit for steering us away from the relegation battle we found ourselves heading towards (because under Koeman and Unsworth we looked worse than Swansea and West Brom's U21's at times) so I'd like us to start 2018/19 with a new manager. Someone who is going to get bums off seats, someone who is going to get the Gwladys Street singing and someone who is going to bring back a feel-good atmosphere at Goodison Park. 
  3. Half-time pints in a proper glass - A man can dream!
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