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57 minutes ago, StevO said:

I sort of feel the same. Always though Barkley was much better than him and was disappointed when Ali pretty much took his England place. 
I’m not sure I’d be too again I’d getting him on loan. Wouldn’t mind seeing what he can do here. 

Barkley is an infinitely better player than Alli, he has so much more to his game.

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3 minutes ago, Palfy said:

I’d rather have Lingard than Alli and I’ve got no belief in him as a footballer, if either ends up here there is something fundamentally wrong with our transfer process. 

Lingaard?  Him and Pickford together would be insane....  Get the rave on Jesse!!! Sorry Jordan I'm too busy setting fire to the team bus. 

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Ali has talent no doubt. Has he been poorly man managed? Is he the wrong fit? 

Was he a better player under Poch?

I always wanted Barkley to be better than him, the. Watched them both and realised Ali was light years ahead of Ross. 

Problem is that he has fallen off the radar a bit. Mentality issues? I dont know. 

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  • 1 year later...

No Thanks.

If we sign Dele Alli and DVB we're repeating the same old mistakes of buying players simply because they become available and not to fill the priority positions we need. DVB is an Attacking Midfielder and so is DVB - for now job done until we can shift Gomez.

It's a CB and DM we need now as priorities.

Doing business with Daniel Levy also means you will be overpaying and never get the money back you spend.

Lets go look elsewhere for what we actually  need.

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3 minutes ago, duncanmckenzieismagic said:

There is still a good player in there, for the right price I would take him

As I posted in the Zakaria thread, if Juve can get him for €5m and Sevilla getting Tecatito for €2m, we should be able to get Dele for close to that same price. 

But it's Spurs, so it'll probably be £35m

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