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Conor Coady

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Seems to be quite solid in the air but that's to be expected of a player in the Premier League playing at centre back. No outstanding qualities that make me excited, especially as I'd play both Mina and Godfrey ahead of him.

For what we would pay it's a massive no from me, and with our financial issues I don't see how we afford him tbh.

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1 hour ago, Aidan said:

But we've all seen him play, he has a lot more to his game than just this. He is a good defender, but lacks a lot of pace. Would obviously suit a 3 man defence.

Those stats show he's a pretty poor defender, which I've always thought.

Good leader, yes, but he's rubbish at his actual job. So I hope we don't get him.

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I was gonna say I wouldn't mind this one.

Seems to fit the mould of what we need and missed that season- reliable solid defender. In the sense of always being there, maybe not in talent.

But I always say give me a reliable machine over an Aston Martin that never starts cos its always in the fuckin garage 😂

Seems to suit the type of player we're going after to make us dead 'ard.

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Hopefully Mina and Godfrey getting injured doesn’t change our plans of hopefully getting rid of Keane or Mina (probably not now if the injury is serious) if we sign Coady (which is looking very likely). We’ll be playing 3 at the back so it probably means Holgate will be okay with the experience of Coady and Tarkowski - Welsh may even be around the first team until Godfrey is back.

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2 minutes ago, Romey 1878 said:

Maybe we're going to be spending on a striker and want every penny possible to go towards that. If so, that's another good move from Thelwell.

It’s hard to know exactly what our constraints were and a lot of these haven’t played but, on paper, he and his people have done an exceptional job. This assumes we bring in a striker, as I’m sure we will.

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1 minute ago, Zoo 2.0 said:

I'd take Dorris from next door at centre back with the rate of injuries we are getting. Hopefully Coady surprises me and as a few said at the game yesterday, he's a natural leader which is exactly what we need.

It seems like we are focusing on reliability and leadership in some of these deals. Gueye, Tark, Coady. Even the youth we have in Patterson, Myko, Amadou (according to his coaches) have some of that character in them. 

Even after the loss and the injuries I’m feeling pretty hopeful about the longterm. 


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