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Ifs, buts and Maybes

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A couple of weeks ago, I laid out what I thought was our best chance of getting to 40 points and therefore, if history is any guide, to safety. At the time, we needed to secure 21 points from the remaining 17 games, and I laid out what I thought to be the most likely course. Maybe I can track our progress over time.

Current status: 39 points

Brentford (H): 3 points
Burnley (A): 3 points
Leeds (H): 3 points (actual: 3 points)
Newcastle (H): 3 points
Palace (H): 3 points
Watford (A): 3 points

Leicester (H): 1 point
Southampton (A): 1 point (actual: 0 points)
Wolves (H): 1 point

Arsenal (A): 0 points
Chelsea (H): 0 points
Leicester (A): 0 points
Liverpool (A): 0 points
Man City (H): 0 points
Man United (H): 0 points
Spurs (A): 0 points
West Ham (A): 0 points

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Good thread @Cornish Steve. Will be fun (assuming we pick up some points) to follow along in the coming weeks/months. I agree with Hoof every away game has to be considered 0 points for the sake of this exercise. Therefore we need to find 4 more points from our home games Leicester, Wolves, Chelsea, City, Utd. Yikes. Whether it will take the full 40 to survive who knows but the team better play like it will. 

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25 minutes ago, dunlopp9987 said:

As a few have mentioned, it is very Everton for us to drop points against the teams we should be taking all 3 from, and then come up with some big home wins against the top teams. Would not be surprised to see that happen again this season

I agree I think we have a better chance of beating Leicester and Man U at home than we have of beating Burnley away. I think we will stay up and won’t need the 40 points or 36 to do so and we will be pleasantly surprised at where some of our points come from, and will be equally devastated when we don’t get them from games we believe we should. 

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We have some really good coaches and manager, if they can get our players to play their way, which I believe they will over time then we will be fine.

What we have over other teams is firepower / goal threat, once DCL gets match fit and shakes the rust off we will score more goals.

We also have Doucuore and Godfrey to come back and Alli to integrate into the team all of which makes us stronger.

Ther key thing imho is to get the players playing the managers style of football and not panicking, easier said than done, but I see and expect improvement incrementally. 

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9 minutes ago, Haiku said:

Unfortunately it looks we need to put up a real fight to avoid 18th place.

I don't see it as unfortunate at all, no "fortune" involved; we should be staying up because we're good enough to do so.

But, if we were to get relegated it'd make zero impact on my support for the club; we've been top flight since before I was born, only Arsenal been there longer. A history most clubs would bite your arm off for.

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7 minutes ago, Wiggytop said:

Both Norwich and Leeds lost, a good start to the weekends fixtures for us so far. Not that we should be relying on other teams to drop points of course.

I agree in theory, but we're past the point of "not wanting to rely on other results." With our tough run of games coming up, we absolutely should be relying on others around us dropping points

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