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Arsenal (Home) Tuesday December 13


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I'm not looking forward to this one at all, but then again, I wasn't looking forward to Watford either.


I've never had less faith in Everton than I do now. It started with Martinez, but it seems to just be getting worse. I can't even think of a team that I've watched that looks more disinterested than the side we have now.

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Yes, we could lose badly to both Arsenal and Liverpool. Seems obvious to me that Koeman has to follow up on today's press conference blunt comments that, other than Lukaku, our attacking players aren't producing. That means Barkley, Deulofeu, and Mirallas. I thought both Deulofeu and Mirallas would play well this season. Generally they have not, though Deulofeu showed well at times at Watford.


I am a Barkley skeptic, but I think he must be given a start today. Same for Valencia; he deserves a start, to see if he can interject some badly, badly needed energy in the final third.


I am also skeptical that Barry should start 2 matches in such quick succession, so I'd prefer McCarthy (or Davies, or even Gibson....) to partner Gana.


I'd like, but do not expect, to see:


Stekelenburg/Robles (no clue, both are adequate at best)


Coleman......Jagielka.......Funes Mori........Baines








I'd prefer to see Lukaku driving forward with the ball at his feet more, cutting inside to shoot. Oviedo is better used at LW than LB, and giving him the start at LW would put Mirallas on further notice. (I hope Mirallas comes good, and soon. He's a willing shooter, unlike Barkley. Hard for me to explain or accept how little Mirallas has produced. I want him to do well, and if in my suggested lineup Oviedo is a non-factor in the first half, bring on Mirallas at 45 minutes, no waiting.)


I'm desperate to see Koeman shake things up. I suppose the danger is that doing so on short turnaround risks an embarrassing smashing. But hoping business as usual will allow us to lose "only" 1-3 would hardly inspire. I'd even prefer 3-4-3 to same old, same old.




Holgate.......Jagielka..........Funes Mori






I worry about a sullen crowd tomorrow eve.

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It would be interesting to see a 3-4-3 set up. The problem at Chelsea was he picked the wrong personnel at the back. He would have to go with Holgate again as RCB and Funes Mori at LCB because Jags and Williams do not have the pace to deal with a simple ball over the top.


Against Spurs we played 3-4-3 and we were brilliant at absorbing pressure and denying them any goal scoring opportunity. The pace of Mirallas and Deulofeu on the break was terrifying for them and they didn't really look like scoring until we started to tire.


Honestly I think we have a real problem with Williams and Jagielka at the back. They aren't on the same wavelength at all and neither are blessed with bags of pace. It's causing us to fall deeper into our own penalty box and create huge gaps all over the pitch.


So Holgate starts for me it's a must now as he is the fastest defender we have.


Barkley is a must start now as well. He has been dropped for the last 2 games and it has shown how utterly inept everyone else is.


Stekelenberg has been garbage so Robles must come in and Valencia has earned a start through his dynamism.


I've said it's premature to call for the manager's head this early but if he doesn't ring the changes and bring in these players then I will absolutely start calling him out.


I have no faith that the manager will actually do anything different and we will see the same pathetic 11 that has been losing and drawing for the past 10 games.


lukaku keeps scoring otherwise I'd be ok with your lineup, he shouldn't be benched. Valencia is dynamic but can't find the net and sadly dynamics don't win a game goals do.

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Lukaku keeps scoring otherwise I'd be ok with your lineup, he shouldn't be benched.

I didn't understand TP1878 to mean Valencia to start instead of Lukaku, but with. Both starting is what I hope to see.


I'm interested in what lots of others think about Valencia starting with Lukaku, whatever the exact positioning. Opinions about both whether Koeman should do this, and will do this.

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Holgate. Jags. Mori.


Coleman. Oviedo.


Delli. Gana. Barkley.


Lukaku. Valencia.


That's what I would like to see, but what ever he chooses he must be prepared to make substitutions as early as 30 minutes if players aren't doing as told, that might give them the kick up the arse they need.

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Coleman Williams Mori Baines


Lennon Gana Mirallas



This would be my team for tonight.
No Barry as he's too slow especially against Arsenal. Lennon would be in for his workrate and defensive capabilities. I think with Geri we would be too exposed. Need to play 2 up top to give arsenal at least something to worry about.

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Calvert-Lewin is in the squad... if ever we needed a young striker to come on the scene in the way we saw with the likes of Rooney, Fowler etc then now is the time.


To be honest a few young lads may actually come in and show the rest of them what it is we are missing... a bit of desire.


If Koeman had a pair he'd play Calvert-Lewin, Holgate and Davies tonight and in the derby. Yeah we might still get stuffed, but if they play half decent it will get Goodison back behind the team. By sticking with the same piles of shite, he's just inviting the crowd to get on their backs.

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Not much surprise in the list up but glad to see Valencia get a go. I think he'll run a few rings and create space for Barkley and, more importantly, Lukaku.


Hopefully Barkley is feeling really pissed off at missing a couple of games and will come back in firing.


Glad to see a couple of young lads on the bench.


You never know with this lot what to expect. I'm hoping that Watford becomes the real low point and us having 2 tough games coming up really wakes this lot up.


The team need a good result. The fans need a brilliant performance.

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Guest rusty747

Confidence is low and the last thing the team needs is a hard time from the crowd. I can't get to the game but let's get behind the team lads. Cheer every tackle, applaud every player and let them know we are in this together.

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